Jupiter Broadcasting Buys L.G.C.


New media tycoon Chris Fisher, owner of Jupiter Broadcasting and hair stylist extraordinaire has reportedly bought “LinuxGameCast ” for approximately $14.4 billion dollars or 2 bitcoin.

The news came as quite a shock as L.G.C.’s Venn Stone has repeatedly said that he would never sell to a man with perfect hair. “Hair…” Venn said,  “is the key to a mans soul and perfect hair just stinks of soap”.

Nobody understood what Venn meant by that statement but apparently whatever it meant, it didn’t mean much. Today Venn released the following, “After agonizing over this decision for a couple of minutes, we at L.G.C. decided to accept Mr Fisher’s offer but we do so reluctantly. It helped that Chris had a bad hair day.” In response Chris Fisher simply said, “I knew Venn would see the light or as I like to say, the flash of the bitcoin.”

Fans of L.G.C. otherwise known as “Shatters” are up in arms over the decision to sell to a rival network and have threatened to write very angry blog posts about it. One fan went as far as to say “I may have to use some harsh language” while another simply said “Bugger…”.




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