Linux build ‘ROOTS: Deadlocked’ published soon

Roots Deadlocked

Roots: Deadlocked‘ is a fast paced multiplayer action oriented topdown shooter that combines the twitch gameplay of competitive first person shooters with the local awareness of a topdown shooter, resulting in fast paced skill based action.

rootgamer_say  Will ‘ROOTS:Deadlocked’ feature on Linux because you are using Unity3D?

TeamINOV:  As promised, we looked into Linux, and it is possible, download links for the free alpha version on PC, MAC and Linux will be published soon.

These are promising words of the developer, hope they stick to the word. According to a update today on greenlight, they added linux support!  Haven’t had a hands-on, but based on the videos found on youtube, the game looks impressive and high speed action is guaranteed.


  • Roots does not restrict the third axis, what does this mean? It means that the battlefield isn’t flat, hills, rooftops, stairs are all traversable allowing you to rain sweet terror upon enemies above or below you.
  • Sprint, melee and grenades, these are standard fps features that are available together for you for the first time in a topdown shooter, allowing you to inject new strategies into your battles.
  • Bullets, grenades and other projectiles in Roots are all physics based, resulting in bullets curving around explosions and rockets twirling back at their users when combat gets intense.
  • Equipments like deployable shields, sonars and jump pads.
  • Multiple powers that you can activate and tip battles in your favour allowing you to go invisible, take extra damage, get a quick speed boost or repel all bullets and projectiles around you.
  • Customize your character with colours, emblems, accessories like hats and helmets.
  • Match control, when a match ends in Roots, you’re taken to the lobby where you can vote on what weapons you spawn with in the next match, weapons are on map and what game mode and maps, no more playing the same setups until you get bored.


  • Cooperative survival modes
  • Huge maps with vehicular support with the ability to commandeer enemy vehicles
  • To release with atleast 5 maps, with constant support adding more FREE maps and weapons after release
  • Taking the best gamemodes and hat ideas from the community.


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