AMD Catalyst Display Driver v13.1


AMD Catalyst 13.1 Proprietary Linux® Graphics Driver

New Features

The following section provides a summary of new features in this driver version.

  • XServer 1.13 support
  • Ubuntu 12.10 Production Support

Resolved Issues

This section provides information on resolved known issues in this release of the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.

  • [368958]: Driver release version is added to GL_VERSION
  • [367282]: Bblank VGA display after resume from suspend
  • [367245]: X crash for AMD PowerXpress™ A+I High-Performance mode on Ubuntu 12.10
  • [366820]  Performance of Valve Linux games
  • [366805]: Segmentation fault when exit QtOpenGL applications such as AMD CodeXL
  • [366425]: Xserver getting exit upon resume from suspend on RHEL 5.8
  • [364107]: VariBright not working when change AMD PowerPlay™ settings in AMD Catalust Control Center:LE
  • [363638]: VariBright doesn’t work after resume from suspend on “Trinity” platform
  • [350759]: Flickering cursor when run some full-screen OpenGL games with CrossFire enabled
  • [347895]: OpenGL performance on “Southern Islands” ASICs
  • [344996]: 16 re-frames doesn’t work for H.264 @Level 5.1
  • [337240]: Corruption when resize the Konsole window
  • [304016]: One display goes black after changing from multi-display desktop from single independent

Known Issues

The following section provides a summary of open issues that may be experienced with the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.

  • [356966]: Tearing appears at the top/left corner with monitor rotation + Vsync is enabled
  • [350671]: Corruption may be experienced when running Unigine Tropics 1.3
  • [341497]: OpenGL Bitmap performance may be impacted in certain situations


109 MB 13.1 1/17/2013




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2 Comments on "AMD Catalyst Display Driver v13.1"

  1. Siegfried Martin January 20, 2013 at 18:36 -

    About time AMD steps up their game again.

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