Xi3 accepting preorders (steam)Piston


Hardware developer Xi3 has announced that it has started accepting preorders for the Piston. The console is designed for gaming via the Steam service from Valve. A Piston will cost nearly $ 1,000, though early adopters currently get $ 100 discount.

Xi3 let customers know that the Piston order now next to a discount of $ 100 device for the holidays will get. It seems therefore that Xi3 still busy setting up of production. Incidentally, the manufacturer is planning to operate the equipment show during SXSW Gaming Expo currently underway.


The Piston is a gaming console that Steam games in Big Picture mode can run a special user interface that Valve has developed called Steam Boxes. In the case of the Piston Xi3 has an unspecified 3.2GHz quad-processor embedded accompanied 8GB of ram. Storage is provided by an SSD with a capacity of 128GB, although an optional 256GB or 512GB version will be installed. The Piston costs than respectively 340 or $ 750 more.


• Ultra high performance, low power, small form factor
• Runs x86-based operating systems & software
• 3.2GHz quad-core x86-based APU
• Radeon 7000 series GPU w/384 programmable cores
• Up to 1TB of SSD storage
• Low energy use (40 Watts)
• Triple monitor support: 2 Mini DP, 1 HDMI/DisplayPort combo
• 12 I/O ports (four eSATAp III, four USB 3.0, and four USB 2.0)



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2 Comments on "Xi3 accepting preorders (steam)Piston"

  1. rakenclaw March 10, 2013 at 20:16 -

    This is way over priced. I can build my own machine and save $400 bucks.It may not be as small, but we’re not talking chump change here. These guys have guaranteed a fail.

  2. Peter Buxton March 13, 2013 at 08:31 -

    What a complete and utter fail!! What sort of tard is going to spend $1000 on this? And thats justs the start price. If you want the 512mb ssd version your looking at $1649!!!
    Absolutly without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest fail of 2013 so far.
    I can’t believe they thought their would be a market for something like this.
    Xbox killer my ass, Microsoft will be laughing their f#@king asses off at you guys. Unlucky really, because to be fair this thing could have been epic if and only if they could have priced it around 4-5 hundred dollars.

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