Mozilla and Epic run Unreal3-engine in browser


Mozilla and Epic Games have released a special version of the Unreal3-Engine, designed for the more complex and interactive games on the web. Mozilla announced the news on their blog.

The web version of the Unreal 3 Engine is made possible by Mozilla’s own javascript engine. This javascript version is optimized to run 3D games smoothly in a browser. Mozilla hopes more on developers to enable their games for web-play.

Recently Mozilla proved “the web is capable of being a compelling gaming platform” with its BananaBread game demo, which is built using Web technologies pioneered by Mozilla, including WebGL, Emscripten and now asm.js.

The demo shows how high-end games can easily be ported to JavaScript and WebGL while still maintaining a highly responsive, visually compelling 3D gaming experience.

Companies like Disney, EA and ZeptoLab are already working on webgames using Javascript technology

Mozilla: We are working with premium game publishers such as Disney, EA and ZeptoLab who are using the same technology to bring performance optimizations to their top-rated games.

Developers who use the engine for web games may publish an example in the Firefox Marketplace.



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2 Comments on "Mozilla and Epic run Unreal3-engine in browser"

  1. Avatar of GoogleUser
    GoogleUser March 28, 2013 at 21:05 -

    So after you rent games on steam you can now rent games in your browser?

    PC-Gaming sucks nowadays…

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