Interview: ShinyLoot new distribution platform


This week we spoke to Chris Palmarozzi, co-founder of ShinyLoot; a new game distribution platform currently in beta. There is no shortage in game distribution platforms. What makes ShinyLoot stand out compared to other stores? Can they be distinctive?

Let’s find out..

rootgamer_say   What is ShinyLoot beta?

At the core of is a trait system that allows users to search over one hundred individual features of a game such as randomized levels, user created content, or physics based gameplay. These traits can be filtered alongside every variable such as genre, setting, and price, delivering tailor made suggestions that more precisely fit the user’s interest. We’re focusing our efforts on independent developers and small to medium sized publishers. We recently entered beta and expect at least another two months of development before public launch.

These are our bullet point features:
· Independent focused gaming marketplace
· Unique trait system
· Search filters to cross-reference traits, genres, settings, and more
· Minimal to no DRM on all titles (one time key validation or no DRM)
· One currency pricing
· All titles available worldwide

rootgamer_say   What distinguishes Shiny Loot from other distribution platforms?

Our biggest distinguishing factor is our traits and filtering tool. Users can cross-reference literally billions of combinations and we’re continuously updating our library to fulfill commonly searched for combinations. We post weekly library updates to In addition, all of our games are sold with minimal to no DRM. GOG is the only other store with similar values. The difference between is that we do sell games that require a one time key validation as we feel it’s an unobtrusive form of DRM.

rootgamer_say   Can you tell us more about the game-traits system?

Game traits are essentially individual features that act as defining characteristics for a given game. We allow up to four traits for each game so that they represent what the game does best. It allows users to search for say an RPG with Sandbox, Tactical RPG, Classless advancement, and Exploration as core traits.

rootgamer_say   Are there benefits to users who write reviews?

Not right now but good timing on this question though. We are wrapping up a system that will automatically give users credits for approved reviews and will announce details via reddit next week.


(huge)screenshot ~500kb

rootgamer_say   Shiny Loot is a web-based platform, do you consider a native client?

There are no plans for a native client. That’s a time consuming endeavor, and I think we can serve customers better by focusing elsewhere. Regardless we will never have a client that’s required due to our DRM stance, but if a game manager client becomes hotly requested we will start mapping out what we need to do.

rootgamer_say   Do you intent to extend current payment options? (ideal/bitcoin)

No, but only because it hasn’t been requested. We’re very receptive to community feedback so if there’s demand for something feasible then we will get it done. For example, our ‘time left’ sales timer was added last week based on feedback left over the week or two prior.

rootgamer_say   If I buy a multi-platform title, do get it on all platforms?

Yes, upon purchase a user can download every OS installer seen on the game’s page.





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3 Comments on "Interview: ShinyLoot new distribution platform"

  1. Indie-Bit April 19, 2013 at 17:09 -

    It is an initiative that will grow over time, it is good to find more alternatives away from Desura and Steam. I loved to see two titles on the list Locomalito although they still do not have their port to linux.

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