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The initial idea of Counter-Strike 2D was to create a game which is pretty much like the original Counter-Strike game by Valve® Software but which is 2D in a top-down persepective.

This goal has been reached by implementing all original Counter-Strike weapons with their original sounds, by adding the well known hostage rescue (CS) and bomb defuse (DE) scenarios (+the VIP (AS) mode which has been removed from the original Counter-Strike already) and finally by creating 2D versions of the most popular Counter-Strike maps.

Key Features

  • Fast paced online action (or offline against bots!)
  • All original Counter-Strike weapons and many more
  • Many modes: CS-like, DM, Zombies, Construction…
  • Very easy to use map editor with entity/trigger system
  • Console & buy scripts like the real CS
  • Game can be modified and extended with Lua scripts
  • Many active players around the world, loads of maps and scripts!

Download CS2D

Client for Linux Linux (~1 mb)

These clients do only contain the executables/binaries for Linux/Mac. So what you need to do is the following:

Dedicated Server for Linux Linux (~500 KB)

dedicated server for CS2D game server hosting. This download is for experienced users only (it is complicated! Read this!). Use the client instead and click ‘New Game’ and ‘Start’ if you want to play and host on your PC!

Additional downloads (like skins, maps, models etc.)




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