Webbased Unreal-Engine online


Epic and Mozilla have put the html5 version of the Unreal 3 engine online. The engine, written in Javascript and WebGL, shows the Citadel level from the Unreal game in the browsers. The player can run through the map.

There is no real functionality in the game; the demo is more like a proof of concept to show that the browser can display advanced graphics. The demo works best with Firefox 23 Nightly, as is mentioned on the demo site. The demo doesn’t seem to work in other browsers.


Porting the engine to Javascript and WebGL took four days, says Epic. It is unclear whether there are plans to make an entire game available in Javascript and WebGL. Foreseeable future Mozilla is working on a technology to stream games in the browser. The Unreal engine is one of the most used engines for games. Due to the interesting UDK and low costs for developers.



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