Download ‘America’s Army 2.5 Assist’


America’s Army was released in 2003, with the full title of ‘America’s Army: Special Forces’. As the game became more widely distributed, it generated additional media interest. It’s full of accurate information about military training and tactics, intended to prepare a new generation of potential recruits. Never the less,it’s a nice game to play.

screenshot_armericas_army_2_5_assist_setup_linuxOnly downside is.. they pulled the plug on the authentication servers. However, the open-source community comes to the rescue: A GUI client application for downloading, installing and playing ‘Americas Army 2.5‘ on Linux with a new custom authorization system.

On the server side a Desktop server manager for Windows, Mac and Linux and a Command line dedicated server manager for Windows and Linux.


Backend server components include a replacement authorization system using the Battletracker account & stats database and a PunkBuster log streaming server which records players possible cheating activities. You have to register an account at Battletracker to play.

Manual installation

Move into your home folder. Download the installation package:

$ wget

Set executable and execute:

$ chmod +x

When asked for an installation path enter: ~/armyops
Say no to symbolic links, Select “Base Install” and no to start up menu entry’s. After some time the installation will complete. You may now delete the installation package:

$ rm





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