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As usual the guys at Humble Bundle bring us another amazing deal with the Humble Weekly Sale. This week they offer 5 of 11 Bit Studios best games, for a minimum of $2.71 (as of my writing). Not only is this an amazing deal but it’s also the first Weekly Sale to offer full Linux support, meaning all games have Linux versions. Sticking with what sells, Humble Bundle offer all these games 100% DRM-Free and with their respective soundtacks (excluding Anomaly Warzone Earth: Mobile Campaign).  The weird thing with this bundle is that only one of these fantastic games comes with a Steam key, this is because only one of these games is on Steam, Anomaly Warzone Earth.

The important thing with Humble Bundle is the money can go to charity, directly to the developer or to the Humble Bundle guys and gals. Their “Pay what you want” model has been very successful making over $1,000,000 for Charity (either EFF or Childs Play).

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Taking a look

Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy’s path through various war torn environments. Careful planning of powerups, unit composition, and more will make or break your journey.

Anomaly Warzone Earth: Mobile Campaign

Previously exclusively on mobile devices, Anomaly Warzone Earth: Mobile Campaign is now making its debut on Windows, Mac, and Linux right here! It’s all the things you love about the mobile campaign created for Android devices, now on your desktop!

Sleepwalker’s Journey

Guide a sleepwalking Moonboy through his dreams to collect stars and return safely back to his bed. Sleepwalker’s Journey is a dreamy puzzle platformer with charming storybook graphics where you’ll manipulate the dreamscape by sliding platforms up and down, turning on propelling fans, and positioning cannons.

Funky Smugglers

Funky Smugglers is the hippest arcade game you’ll ever play. Take on the role of the TSA as you act as airport security, confiscating scissors, grenades, and spiders. But don’t take away that rubber duck from granny! With its 70’s music and afro-sporting characters, Funky Smugglers is a groovy fast-paced game that’s easy to pick up whenever you have a few minutes.

Anomaly Korea

Anomaly Korea (followup to Anomaly Warzone Earth) is a top-down reverse tower defense strategy game where you’re the invader. As the offense, you’ll need to plan a strategic route to guide your military vehicles through the alien-infested streets of Korea. Use your resources and money wisely, and you’ll emerge unscathed.



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