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TeamInov is the developer of ‘BrokenEarth‘, a game originally known as ‘ROOTS‘. The shooter Broken Earth is a Single/Cooperative/Multiplayer adventure that has you fighting between Earth and an alien world. No mindless AI and bullet sponge enemies here, the only death spamming bullets will result in, is yours.


BrokenEarth tries to break the limits of the genre, adding vertical combat, customization, lots of equipment and fps styles controls, making shooter players feel right at home.

About ‘Broken Earth’

We spoke with TeamInov about Linux support last December.

rootgamer_say  Will ROOTS ‘Broken Earth’ be available on Linux?

TeamINOV:  As promised, we looked into Linux, and it is possible, download links for the free alpha version on PC, MAC and Linux will be published soon.

No Linux version is released, yet. But there is some progress …

rootgamer_say   Any news about the recent released (webbased)beta?

Team Inov:  Beta is WINDOWS only through Desura, we apologize to users of the other platforms but we’re working on it. Also, keep in mind that the game is in its development stage.


BrokenEarth Features

  • 4 player objective-driven Cooperative survival mode.
  • 10 player competitive and team-based gamemodes.
  • Physics-focused gameplay creating exciting outcomes on each playthrough.
  • Full 3D combat, maps aren’t flat, you’ll be standing on rooftops raining bullets on victims below.
  • FPS fans will feel right at home. Quick sprint, melee and grenade types are crucial to our combat system.
  • Camo, Aegis, Flash and Impulse, allow you to go invisible, reduce damage, dodge bullets or repel.. anything that gets too close.
  • Each of our weapons are fine-tuned for specific roles,knowing when to use which will separate the pros from the noobs. Rifles also allow you to pull the camera away for distant shots.
  • Character customization, modify your character with customized emblems, colours and accessories, view other players characters and statistics directly in the lobby.
  • Lobby system allows you to vote on map, game mode, weapons and even the map’s weapons in addition to modifying your loadout.

Gameplay Update

Greenlight Support

Share your interest in Broken Earth and support TeamINOV by voting it on Steam Greenlight

Broken Eearth on Greenlight



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