Flare: An Alpha Gem


With a throaty gargle the warty looking Goblin collapsed in an undignified manner, an arrow piercing his throat. The ground around him turned a horrid greeny red. Kereltis moved in quickly to recover his arrow and move on before the rest of the unsightly green skinned horde fell upon him. He had to move carefully to avoid stepping on one of the several piles of goo, ears and noses but mostly unrecognizable pieces of Goblin.

The journey had been long since leaving the village and Kereltis had a ways to go yet before reaching his destination. It had been getting more and more difficult to venture far from the safety of the village. In recent months, Goblins had been streaming down from their rocky strongholds in the mountains and had been making life very difficult for the village folk.

Hunters were disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate, babies cried and women screamed in the night. The elders spent most of their time sipping frothy ale and saying things like “Oh, aye” and “Ay up” before going back to sipping their ale. Kereltis on the other hand had had enough and had decided to venture out from the relative safety of the village to investigate the strange goings on.


“Free Libre Action Role-playing Engine” or “Flare” for short is a game engine designed for making 2D single-player action adventure role-playing games. It is similar in appearance and game play to early Diablo. Even though it is a game engine under heavy development and currently still in the Alpha phase it has become almost a game in itself and is very playable in its current form. Of course being a game engine the idea is for others to use it to create their own 2D action adventure RPGs. And build their own communities around their game as well as Flare.

Being an old school gamer I have had many hours of fun playing around with Flare and if you’re a fan or once were of the Diablo series, you’ll appreciate Flare. It has a great atmosphere in game and even though graphically it may not be up to modern standards, this does not take away from a very rewarding experience.


Lately we’ve added some powerful, flexible options for running Flare games. But it could make building and running complex. So we’ve added some basic instructions to the Flare-game README.

Flare is available from Desura and the Ubuntu Software Center if you don’t feel like compiling it yourself:

Download 'Flare' 0.18




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