GunsOfIcarus flirt with Oculus, BIG 1.3 update


The impressive ‘Guns of Icarus Online‘ just received a massive update, patch v1.3 brings new ships, guns, costumes, more social features like clan support, additional crew information, improved communication etc. etc. and also a Oculus Rift was spotted.

Guns of Icarus Online is a team-based multiplayer online airship combat game set in a steampunk/dieselpunk-inspired, post-apocalyptic world where lighter-than-air flight is the only means to cross the scarred wilderness that divides scattered pockets of civilization. 

Oculus Rift

screenshot_oculus_rift_guns_of_icarus_linuxGame developer Muse Games surprised us with a facebook update, revealing possible Oculus Rift support; “Bubble testing out the oculis rift with Guns Of Icarus”

Massive update

They sure worked hard on this update considering the amount of features and improvements introduced with the v1.3 update

We’ve updated to version 1.3, and it’s a big one! This update includes a new ship, and new gun, and loads of new features! For a complete list, read on!


massive changelog Guns of Icarus v1.3

– New ship, the Mobula – an more advanced attack ship with 5 front facing gun and no guns on side or back. It has good vertical movement, but it is more difficult to repair in the heat of battle.
– New gun, the Phobos Light Mine Launcher – A strange addition to airship arsenals, this found-technology shoots a proximity mine that will deploy a balloon after once it reaches its arming time (3s). Each gun can only maintain 5 concurrent mines at a time, if any additional mines are placed then the first laid will explode! For more, read on to the Mine Launcher FAQ!
– New costume bundles on sale, with some costumes discounted and/or converted to multi-class
– Expanded beginning Gunner tutorial
– New progression achievements (level cap is now 15)
– Updated in-game manual

– Added crew formation: ability to assemble a group of up to 4 ship crews before entering a match. Crews can be added from friend list or party. For more, check out the Party and Crew Formation FAQ below!
– Added parties: invite players to your party, then invite your whole party to a match or crew formation lobby. For more, check out the Party and Crew Formation FAQ below!
– Options screen now available from header
– Matches now have their own chat channels
– Chat in the lobby split between “Global” and “Match” tabs
– Chat window now has 2 sizes – short and tall – switchable at the press of a button
– New camera shake when explosions hit the ship, when you collide into other objects, when the ship accelerates, when the ship hits max speed, and when turning at high speeds.
– Redesigned in-game store
– Combined “Look” and “Role” screens into new “Character” screen, with ability to zoom in and out on your character preview.
– Redesigned Social page with player profiles, recent crew list, and account management tools
– Added player profiles with public stats, badges, and recent achievements
– Added character rename feature, with up to 2 free renames
– Added clan tags
– Added badge inventory system


– NEW WEAPON! Phobos Light Mine Launcher. A strange addition to airship arsenals, this found-technology shoots a proximity mine that will deploy a balloon after once it reaches its arming time (3s). Each gun can only maintain 5 concurrent mines at a time, if any additional mines are placed then the first laid will explode! Airship mechanics still don’t understand why but they do know it deals 125 direct piercing dmg and 100 impact dmg in a 60m radius for devastating AoE! Mines can chain detonate so watch out. You can shoot both the mine and its balloon for interesting effects.
– Gatling Gun: 3.5 degree jitter (from 3), 5s reload time (from 4.25s)
– Mortar: 50 degree yaw speed (from 30), AoE 8m radius (from 6)
– Flare Gun: Fixed bad damage and ignite values. 10 fire direct dmg with 100% chance to apply 10 fire charges.

– Any Projectile Speed augmentations now successfully adjust the range of raycast weapons (gatling and carronade)
– Extinguishing now respects all cooldown effects. If a component is cooling down, it cannot be extinguished or repaired until the cooldown has finished.
– Extinguisher: cooldown time 3s (from 7s)
– Chemical Spray: cooldown time 5s (from 3s), lasts 20s (from 15s)
– DynaBuff: Balloon buff refactored to respect new ship flight model. 7s buff time, lasts 90s, -25% vertical drag, +100% lift force
– Heavy Clip: no recoil, -25% clip size
– Lochnagar: -90% rotation (from no rotation), no effect on projectile speed (from -20%), -60% arming time, -50% AoE, +125% dmg (from +150%), 250 damage per shot (from 175)
– Incendiary: -25% clip size (from 30%, fixing a rounding error on 2 clip size guns)
– Fixed Kerosene vs. Phoenix Claw turn issue to respect new flight model.
– Phoenix Claw: +300% longitudinal drag (from -35%), +50% thrust, actually deals 13 DPS to engines
– Kerosene: +300% angular drag (from +50%)

– NEW SHIP! Mobula! The Mobula has a unique upside-down design that facilitates increased balloon protection as well as superior vertical mobility at the cost of slow turning and large top-down profile. With 5 front mounted guns (fanned out across its hemispherical design) it can potentially deal high amounts of damage. However, its repair points are tucked away in its interior. 550 Armor, 600 Hull health.

– Fjords: Red spawn points adjusted to prevent spawning too close to oncoming blue players.
– Desert Scrap: Adjusted blue spawn points and stationary sandstorms to increase field of view
– Paritan Rumble: Slightly smaller map size, adjusted spawn points to decrease bad spawns

Fixes and Optimization

– Suicide (with tar barrel or mine launcher) awards a kill to the last hostile source of damage, if any
– Fixed a missing collider in Flayed Hills and Canyons
– Fixed continuous repair input lag
– Fixed a bug that might prevent Pilot achievements with an “on helm” requirement from being completed
– Fixed rejoining 2 slots at once bug

– Removed misleading spike from traffic graphs when they are first opened
– Client-side networking makes better use of multiple threads (should improve framerate in high-traffic situations, particularly on multicore machines)
– Fixed lag spike caused by another match being started on the same server

– Improved performance of cloud rendering, particularly when they are affected by multiple lights (flares, explosions, etc)
– Fixed a shader bug that caused some lights to affect clouds more intensely than intended
– Fixed a bug with flare shadows that could cause the shadow to be offset from the original model
– Flare shadows now draw on target dummy ships
– Buffed and fireproofed effects no longer render on top of clouds when the part in question is inside the cloud
– Fixed reload animation bug (animation no longer plays twice)
– Prevent muzzle flash from playing when the primary fire button is held down right after the end of reload
– Fixed Field Gun barrel texture
– Fixed hat positioning and clipping




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