RPG ‘Celestian Tales: Old North’ on kickstarter


Developer ‘Ekuator Games‘ has launched ‘Celestian Tales: Old North’ on crowd funding website Kickstarter . The project got some attention, already $3,500 pledged out of the $40.000 final goal. ‘Celestian Tales‘ is a direct fruition of seven years of brewing ideas, concocting intrigues, and sculpting a living, breathing world through D&D, Pathfinder, Iron Kingdoms RPG, and other tabletop RPGs. 

About Celestian Tales

Celestian Tales: 2D rpg adventure

Celestian Tales: 2D adventure

Inspired by JRPG titles of the ’90-s, the era of SNES and PlayStation, the game strives to recreate the retro feel but adds its own modern touches on top. For example, the native resolution is 800 x 600 instead of 640 x 480, it uses high-resolution hand-drawn character illustrations for dialogues instead of pixel art, and user interfaces are made with fluid animation.

No additional stretch goals

While we do have some plans if the funding exceeds target, we will not expand the game itself directly with the extra amount. We’re committed to finishing the game as it is designed and deliver it to you without further delays.


Celestian Tales: fighters ready?

Celestian Tales: fighters ready?

  • Six playable characters with differing play experiences. Each character has deep personality, combat style, equipments, private stories, cut scenes, special arts, and decisions to be made in the game.
  • Multiple conclusions for each character, totalling more than fifteen possible variations, affected by your own choices throughout the game.
  • Over 20 hours of gameplay time per character.
  • Well-written fantasy setting and lores raising real-world issues which will connect deeper with your own life stories.
  • Compelling storyline spanning three decades, following the characters’ journey of life while they grow and mature from their experiences.
  • Dynamic encounters which turns combat encounters into a form of entertainment itself. Hide from enemies, learn the nature of their movements, avoid them or just bash them all — it depends on how you want to play the game.




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