HL Co-op-MOD to standalone F2P


The team behind the ‘Sven Co-op’ mod for Half-Life announced that Valve has approved plans for a standalone and free2play version of the mod,  to Steam users.


Half-Life 2 Gordon Free Mande Sven Co-op is a mod to Half-Life allows players to play the game against the computer together and solving puzzles. Together The mod is now almost 15 years old, but still provide regular updates. Thus even released a major update on June 30.

Valve, the creators of the mod given permission to work on a modified version of the Half-Life engine and the mod will appear in the future as a standalone game on Steam, as they report on their website. This will play free for Steam users, which it is not required to possess. A Half-Life game

Because the developers may adapt the engine, it is possible to larger and more detailed worlds to make. The developers want to update the Half-Life engine and add new features, which they want to improve.’s Stabilliteit, performance and gameplay In addition, they will make improvements in the level editor of Half-Life.

When the standalone version on Steam appears and if will support Linux from launch, is still unknown.

Download mod

The latest version of the Sven Co-op mod for Steam versions of Half-Life

Download sven co-op MOD


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3 Comments on "HL Co-op-MOD to standalone F2P"

  1. mikefrett July 17, 2013 at 14:32 -

    I’ve been waiting for this, this is a great MOD. But F2P bothers me, when people say that it’s usually followed by P2W.

    On the forums though, they haven’t really expressed interest in Linux. The users have but I read about how they are mostly Windows focused unfortunately. I basically gave up on this MOD, not a big loss really. But I would play it if it did come and wasn’t P2W.

  2. mikefrett July 17, 2013 at 14:35 -

    Just an update:

    Will you please add support for Linux with the new game client?

    “Joropito is working on it.”

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