Gigabyte introduces gaming mini-PC


Gigabyte showed the IDF in San Francisco versions of its mini-PC Brix equipped with Intel Haswell processors with Iris Pro GPUs. With this GPU, the small computer should be able to run recent games and have ok performance. The casing is larger than those of previous Brix PCs.

Last weeks announcement showed new Gigabyte Brix models. The new mini-PCs have pretty much the same case as previous versions, but are now Haswell processor equipped, have additional USB 3.0 ports and include a digital audio jack on the front. The old Haswell chips have an Intel HD 4400 GPU, which is not powerful enough to run the latest games smooth.


Intel does have a GPU that is powerful enough: the Iris Pro HD 5200. At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco Gigabyte dedicated gaming versions of Brix were equipped with the Core i7-4770R and i5-4570R. These processors do have the HD 5200 GPU, the performance of which would be that of the GeForce GT 650M or equivalent.

The housing of the new models is larger than those of previous models, and Brix Gigabyte brings them in the colors red and yellow. In terms of connections they have hdmi, mini display port and four USB 3.0 ports. Inside the case there is room for a 2.5″ storage device via the SATA 600 interface and two mini-PCI-E x1 slots. Prices are still unknown but according to LegitReviews the cost could be anywhere above $500.

Again a nice initiative to bring a console-like PC to the living room. However, the lack of a serious GPU and the estimated price of above $500 doesn’t do the trick; building your own system is the best way to go?!



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3 Comments on "Gigabyte introduces gaming mini-PC"

  1. mikefrett September 12, 2013 at 17:30 -

    They would have came out a lot cheaper and with more compatibility with Games by using an AMD APU.

    Also, what OS is this even running? Anyway I prefer to build my own, and usually come out a hair cheaper than the $500 this may cost since I only need a few components and already have other parts.

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