Open-source operating system: SteamOS


SteamOS is described by Valve as an open source and free to use operating system based on Linux in combination with its own Steam platform. The OS should make it easier for hardware manufacturers to adapt their products for use in the living-room-PC. They can be bundled with their systems free of charge. In addition, SteamOS publisher and game developers can directly contact gamers, while players have the opportunity to adjust the software and hardware to their desired. As the company promises, SteamOS will be available soon as a free download.


Valve released no information about the arrival of the Steam Box, but the company confirmed in January this year again it would reveal the console in 2013. The company had already introduced Big Picture mode within the Steam client last year, an interface with large fonts and icons clearly legible on high-definition televisions. Moreover, the Big Picture mode controlled by a gamepad. Furthermore, Valve has been busy to get with Linux. Steam software are compatible So Steam can be rotated in Ubuntu. Valve CEO Gabe Newell recently talked in his eyes that Linux and open source the future of gaming and the advent of SteamOS is an important step.


The idea of Valve creating a console is exciting, though what the controller is designed to do is even more intriguing. The US20110105231a1 patent for this controller were filed in 2009 and the device is said to have “user swappable control components.” This means that in theory, the user could swap out the joysticks for another peripheral. In this patent there’s a picture that indicates a trackball could take the spot that was once occupied by a joystick.




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2 Comments on "Open-source operating system: SteamOS"

  1. Bas September 24, 2013 at 21:03 -

    The fun part is that it´s free. The hard part i think will be to make an OS that is based on an already free OS design called Linux. So is it a special designed SteamOS or is it Linux with just another graphical touch to it. Maybe we should ask for the RootGamerOS. Let us create !!

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