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Ok, so we all know Linux people are big gamers and we also all know that Linux peeps are awesome as a community. In fact, so awesome that we love helping each other out wherever possible, a bit of promotion here and there, helping with trouble shooting, bug reporting and so on… Well here’s something to get behind in a big way, and really show people what the Linux community is all about. ConTessa, the online free gaming convention created by women for everyone. We’ve all heard the complaints that we don’t have enough women involved in general geek activities and the wider tech community. Well here’s a group of women that are changing that in a big way, and we should all get behind them and support them in whatever way we can.



ConTessa is a free 3-day online apolitical gaming convention featuring the many women who play, create, and love games of all stripes.

Mark your calendars, put in early for vacation time, and get someone to watch the cat, cause you’ll be too busy playing awesome games, watching awesome panels, and winning amazing goodies to bother changing the kitty litter!

ConTessa 2014 will be February 7-9th

Here’s a mini preview of what the EConTessa staff is up to:

New registration website: In the works! Sign up for games, peruse your calendar, talk with the GM or event moderator, add your events to your calendar, and more! Stacy is working hard to develop a registration system truly tailored to Oncons (and ConTessa in particular), that should be available sometime in the early parts of November.

An Expanded Blog: Within the next few weeks, we’ll be moving the existing ConTessa website to a new provider, archiving the material from 2013, then we’ll be featuring blog posts, articles, new content, and goodies provided by ConTessans like you!

A Rockin’ IndieGoGo Campaign: Help us pay for this year’s goodie bags, artwork, website development, and of course the time it goes into prepping and running a convention through an  IndieGoGo campaign that will launch in early November. Pay what you want and choose from a variety of Goodie Bags stuffed to the gills with bookmarks, dice, buttons, magnets, postcards, vendor discounts, greeting cards, stickers, T-shirts, and more! Stretch goals include awesome things like a ConTessa Board Game, and ConTessa custom dice! As always, ConTessa is a free convention, and these perks are extras!

AT LEAST 6 New Contests! Get an opportunity to win goodie bags, gaming PDFs, and more through SIX new contests that will run starting in late January all the way through the convention! Stretch your gaming muscles by designing your way to awesomesauce! The 2014 convention is brought to you by the d3 and the d24!

TWO Random Dungeon Challenges! Get a posse together to take on a completely random dungeon and try to out-loot, out-battle, and out-explore another team running the exact same dungeon. This year, we’ll be running challenges on both Saturday AND Sunday!

…and could we possibly stuff more into this convention? YOU BETCHA! Stay tuned for more information and goodies as we spend the next four months preparing!

Volunteer, Media, and Partnership inquiries, please contact ConTessa staff


You can join the ConTessa community on G+ here:

And get all the info you need on the official site here:


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