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back ago I did an interview with Scott Overman designer of Tethical. Now Tethical is an open-source strategy RPG engine with a growing number of development tools to make using it easier. Scott then launched a kickstarter page for that open source engine in hopes of financially helping him really focus on the tools for the engine allowing developers ease of developing for the engine.. Well he at least raised 1,264$ of the 20,000$ needed. Here is Scott’s explaining his work with Tethical through his Kickstater video.

What has happened since then? Well he has been still working hard on the engines tools and put more focus on the character generator, allowing developers to make original characters for their own “Final Fantasy Tactics” like game. Scott is now in his alpha stage for his character generator shown below.

Here you see Scott's plan on how the generator will work.

Here you see Scott’s plan on how the generator will work.

Here is an actual screen shot of the sprite remixer.

Here is an actual screen shot of the sprite re-mixer.

I have been following this project and was disappointed that the kickstarter was not funded, as I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy Tactics series and would like to see some more SRPG’s come to Linux. Anyone who has been a Linux gamer for a while will remember GalaxyMage was also a open-source SRPG but has been abandoned for quite a while. So check out the FFHactics.com forums. Check it out and get involved in some way. If you want to be a developer its great practice, plus I would get to see a FF Tactics like game on Linux.Game On.


Scott came to the site and read the article and wanted to share another reason why he created the sprite remixer. He said it is to be a base tool for information if a dev wanted to put a character generator in their game. Here he explained it further:

A feature we’ve really come to expect in Bethesda games (like Skyrim) where you can pick your character and customize its look are largely not present in 2d games. The sprite remixer is the beginning of an answer to that. It will allow me to include code in the field test demo that will allow users to pick and colour their characters. Ultimately, if you want to rock a cape the whole game, this would allow you to do it. If you want your character to reflect that you’re female, this would allow you to do it. If you want to be a monster race, this would allow you to do it. If you want to change your look mid-game, again, this would allow you to do it.


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