Rho, puzzle game in the making


Rho is a new puzzle game in the making build by 12villains. The player is given control of Rho on the new planet. Rho is not strong or powerful, and is more like a soul than a living creature. To pass the levels Rho has to take possession of the animals running around the world. Each animal has its own special ability which Rho have to use to overcome the situation.

Rho - your living soul

Rho – your living soul


Today, RootGamer had a chat with one of the developers

  Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you are involved with Rho?

 Wouter: I’m Wouter de Wild, IT student and developer at Tweakers. Within the project, I have the role of developer along with five other people.

  How did you come up with the idea of Rho?

 Wouter: Rho was created out of the need to create a game for our minor Game Design & Development department. We build a 3D game with 12 men (hence 12 villains). We have worked out several concepts (about 10) and the best after much deliberation Rho was chosen.

  How will you release the game, drm-free, steam?

 Wouter: We maybe publish the game on Steam. Depending on Steam’s availability on the Linux platform.

  Have you set a release date yet?

 Wouter: We expect to release Rho somewhere in late February early March.

wobi – gets to high ground

Pylo – flying rodent

Dumdum – destruction

More news and screenshots about ‘Rho’ somewhere next week!


On a dark and growl planet filled with death and decay, a civilization works hard for a better life. Poor and unreliable is probably the best way to describe them. The only thing they own is their soul. Even a body is not entrusted to them. The feeling of love and compassion has been perished from the darkness in which they live. But would they have any, it had to be for the saddest creature on the planet, the wandering soul of Rho.

Once it was a happy planet. But when their sun ended in a catastrophic supernova Rho’s planet got swung out it’s orbit. The planet became dark and cold and he simply wasn’t able to survive out there. Being tired of surviving he stole a spaceship to escape the planet and a better place to live. But the journey didn’t last long. As inexperienced as he was, he crashed with his spaceship unto an unknown planet. His only escape route was to fix his spaceship. But to do this he had to collect his ship parts that were spread out after the crash. This is were his undefined journey begins.




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