Valyria Tear 0.6.0 is released

Valyria Tear is a personal favourite FOSS JRPG of mine, the game is made by Yohann Ferreira a friend of mine and I have been following this project for quite some time. Yohann has also contributed to other projects such as Children of Solarus and Mana. His labour of love is Valyria Tear. Each release of Valyria Tear adds something special like bug fixes , improved gameplay, more monsters and more story.

If you don’t know now you know.

Valyria Tear is an open-source single-player medieval-fantasy 2D J-RPG based on an extended Hero of Allacrost engine ( and inspired by classic console RPGs.

The player incarnates Bronann, a young boy forced to take part into the struggle for the possession of a mysterious crystal. This powerful artifact will lead him to discover the actual threat set upon his world, but also courage and love.

The game has all the features you can expect from JRPG classics: entertaining story development, colourful map exploration, active side-view battles, character management, puzzles… It is also translated in several languages.

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What has been added in this version.

Back on Sept 03 2013 the pre release version of 0.6.0 added a slew of feature compared to the Heir release. The features that were added were (from Yohann’s Blog site):

– Many bugfixes and performance improvements.
– The characters actual weapon is shown in battles, along with weaponless attack support.
– Custom minimap support.
– New art!
– Battle enemies scriptable AI support.
– Better scripted battle events.
– Equipment and Battle status effect support in battles.
– UI theme change support.
– Menu mode UI stats info display improvements.
– Translated into 4 languages (French, Galician Italian, and German)
– Map enemies using patrol way points.
– Scripted puzzle objects.

Then the polished release of v0.6.0 which happened Sept 26 2013 finished with some refined fixes.

– Fixed second boss skills
– Fixed the battle stats initialization that weren’t proper for certain cases.
– Finally added the Crystal voice casts.

If your a fan of FOSS JRPG’s this is a the project to check out. you can also find Yohann on G+ under Yohann Ferreira check him out talk to him or if your interested on helping out hit him up on github. Game on , guys.



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