About RootGamer

RootGaming is a Linux-gaming website created by Linux users to bring awareness of the growing Linux gaming community.

Boosted by new devices such as iPad and Android phones and tablets, developers can no longer afford to focus on just one platform. Publications and software are increasingly becoming platform independent. This change is causing the Linux platform to rise. Increasingly, more games and software are becoming available for Linux.

The number of commercial and closed-source games that support the Linux platform has grown exponentially. The growth is the result of a various changes and developments. One of the biggest influences to native Linux gaming are Humble Bundle, distribution platforms like Steam and Desura but also game-engines such as Unity3DUnigine and Torque contribute to the growth of Linux as gaming platform.

We strongly believe in the potential of Linux as a gaming platform, which is why we launched RootGamer.com back in 2012. RootGamer is an online Linux gaming community to help spread consumer awareness.

Linux was originally developed as a free operating system for Intel x86-based personal computers. It has since been ported to more computer hardware platforms than any other operating system. It is a leading Operating System on servers and other big iron systems such as mainframe computers and supercomputers: more than 90% of today’s 500+ fastest supercomputers run some variant of linux/unix.



Derk Klomp derk@rootgamer.com

about_derk_klomp_photoA boxed version of RedHat was given to me at the age of 14. Hooked on the open-source platform ever since. Involved in many (game)projects as graphic-artist and level-designer for: ID-Software (Quake3),  Epic-Games(UnrealTournament), aMSN .. Now days dedicated to GPL-projects like GCT-Game, open-sankore, Ancient Heroes and others.  Currently employed at an Ubuntu School

Che Dean kereltis@rootgamer.com

about_che_dean_photoSeveral years back a friend of mine nagged me half to death to try Linux, I had several PCs at home that needed OS and instead of pirating or buying Windows I decided to try OpenSuse. WoW!!! I was hooked and later after going through the “I want every distro!” phase I finally settled on Ubuntu and haven’t looked back…though at times I do jump between Ubuntu and Kubuntu for variety. Founder of the Gaming on Linux, Blogger, PC builder, craft beer brewer and passionate about nature photography.

Sandy Martin ultimoore@rootgamer.com

about_che_dean_photoI have been using Linux for 5 years now. I mostly alternate between Ubuntu and ARCH Linux. I run Arch on my gamestation in my office and I bought the AlienwareX51 pre-loaded with Ubuntu for the living room with wireless gamepads and keyboard and mouse. I am a avid comic reader, RPG Master and Tabletop Dictator. But my passion has always been game development and the people behind each game. What makes a game “tick” interests me. I am also father of 3 children and husband to 1 crazy hot wife . Who is also getting in to Linux gaming.

CJ Holder -@rootgamer.com

about_unknown_anonymous_photoOnce upon a time there was a brave, strong boy who….