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By Ultimoore, March 1, 2014 0 Contest, News, Rootrivia

Another month, another winner…yep, it’s to announce the winner of this months Rootrivia! The Contenders The two contenders for this slightly altered version and possibly spatially disoriented timey whimey version of Rootrivia were: xpander69 & lapinop Both were awesome and excellent entries but as we only have one copy XCOM to give away we had to let the community decide which entry they preferred. winner… Read More »

By Ultimoore, December 31, 2013 0 News, Spectrum

Change colors more than Mr.Rogers changes sweaters I have noticed the past few months the number of Linux games increase on Desura. This is great for me as I still have tons of games I still play and need to finish on Desura. One such game that caught my eye was a game made by a gentalman named Mido Basim. Mido is a game developer… Read More »

By Ultimoore, November 24, 2013 3

My first game recording ever, so it is pretty exciting. Hope you guys enjoy the session. I am just really happy that this game is finally coming to Linux. Specs Alienware X51 (preloaded Ubuntu 12.04 upgraded to 13.04 64bit) Intel i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8 GeForce GTX 555/PCIe/SSE2 driver… Read More »

By Ultimoore, November 20, 2013 0

The Guys at Drunken Lizard Games showed off a small teaser on how destructible the games environment will be. This game has been dubbed by members on IndieDB as “Love child of Call of Duty and Battlefield”. After watching this small teaser I might be Inclined to beleive them. Check… Read More »