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By RootGamer, February 24, 2013 7 Benchmarks, Counter Strike, Report

‘Counter-Strike: Source’ is made available in the Linux Steam store. This popular shooter has been around since 1999. How does the top shooter perform on Linux Ubuntu? Can the game keep up with Windows? Lets find out in the windows v/s linux benchmark comparison

By RootGamer, December 21, 2012 1 Benchmarks, News, Team Fortress

Reddit visitor ‘Synapse84‘ made a nice comparison between Windows and Linux running Team Fortress 2. 

By RootGamer, November 19, 2012 0 Benchmarks, News, Nvidia, Steam

Steam on linux is a hot topic. And it got even hotter! Today, Valve released TeamFortress2 to the public. You can even use TF2 if you havn’t received a steam beta invite using the workaround!