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By RootGamer, April 14, 2014 0 Download, Indiegogo, KeeperRL, News

KeeperRL is an opensource dungeon simulator game inspired by Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress. You become an evil wizard seeking the ultimate knowledge of destruction. You can control your minions, and explore and conquer the world in a roguelike fashion. Combat is turn-based and very tactical. The whole world is procedurally generated.

By RootGamer, January 24, 2014 1 Indiegogo, News, The Mims

The mysterious, mythical and funny adventure / strategy-game; ‘The Mims: Beginning‘ reached their first goal on crowdfunding website indiegogo. Jakub Machowski:  We reach our INITIAL GOAL ! It’s unbelievable! and there is still 22 days to the end! Our dreams come true because of You! Thank you to amazing people who decided to support us. About Mims In ‘The Mims: Beginning‘ you play a God-like caretaker of a… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 25, 2013 0 Indiegogo, News, Rascal Rider

Last month ‘Rascal Rider’ demonstrated it’s multi-platform capabilities. Now the cameleon-labs team turns to you for support and launched Rascal Rider Indiegogo campaign. We are very excited to inform you that the crowdfunding campaign for the Rascal Rider has just started. For this occasion we have prepared the pre-alpha gameplay trailer, that will give you the general idea of the Rascal Rider gameplay.

By RootGamer, July 24, 2013 1 Download, Fran Bow, Indiegogo, News

Fran Bow is a point and click adventure with a touch of horror. You may support this project on indiegogo About FranBow It’s about Fran Bow, a young girl, struggling with her mental disorder after finding her parents killed and cut into pieces. After the traumatic event she ran away from home and got lost in the woods. Some strangers found her and took her… Read More »