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By Ultimoore, February 16, 2014 0 Demo, Paragon Evolved

For anyone who has not been following this game.Paragon Evolved is a fast-paced sci-fi FPS which combines the speed and intensity of older shooters with the tactics and strategy of modern ones. Immerse yourself in a challenging story-driven campaign mode, or simply enter the wave-based combat mode to quickly enter a pitched firefight against intelligent AI! game features CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARSENAL Radically change the effect… Read More »

By RootGamer, January 16, 2014 0 Demo, Download, RetroBooster

The list of changes is smaller than previous updates, however the new automatic-save feature is much appreciated. You find the new version of the Retrobooster demo below. 

By RootGamer, October 2, 2013 0 Demo, Download, News, Of Guards And Thieves

‘Of Guards And Thieves‘ brings together gameplay from FPS, TopDown-shooter and Sandbox games. We want to give you a unique and original experience, full of content and highly replayable. We plan to release OGAT for Window, Mac and Linux with Full Steam Support. Multiplayer Stealth Action – Experience unique and innovative multiplayer stealth action with your friends. Meet new people and discover everything that the game… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 19, 2013 0 Demo, Greenlight, News, Steam

Another batch of titles advances through Steam Greenlight, and will receive worldwide distribution via Steam. With this batch coming just three weeks after the previous batch of 100 games. While they received Greenlight status, these titles will be released independently in the weeks or months ahead, as they complete development and integrate any Steamworks features they are interested in utilizing. Below you’ll find a summery of… Read More »

By RootGamer, July 13, 2013 0 Demo, Download, News, ScrumbleShip

Over 160 changes are commited with the latest update of ‘ScrumbleShip‘. Release V0.22 is the largest update the game has ever seen. The big–change is a robust Multiplayer system, allowing users to frolic, explore, and build together. The update also adds in several new blocks, re-establishes asteroid generation, and improves the player/ship collision detection – It’s now stable up to and beyond real-life orbital velocities!… Read More »

By RootGamer, May 4, 2013 0 Demo, Development, News

Epic and Mozilla have put the html5 version of the Unreal 3 engine online. The engine, written in Javascript and WebGL, shows the Citadel level from the Unreal game in the browsers. The player can run through the map.

By RootGamer, December 6, 2012 1 Demo, News, Ostrich Island

Ostrich Island is the unique mix between an adventure (explore beautiful islands and search for collectibles) and a platformer (jump over dangerous waters, run and kick stuff), with a slight hint of role-playing game (level up and gain new abilities). You can choose between two difficulty levels (the third, hardest difficulty will be available in the future) Relaxing, where you can slowly investigate the islands,… Read More »