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By RootGamer, May 28, 2014 0 Leadwerks, News

After a few months delay due to difficulties with the user interface, Leadwerks for Linux was shipped out to Kickstarter backers in April.  Due to the strength of desktop Linux in particular, and the PC in general, it was decided that we would discontinue support for Android and focus on the PC instead. Now the RAD is made available in ubuntu software center. 

By RootGamer, June 17, 2013 0 Kickstarter, Leadwerks, News

The rapid application development (RAD) framework ‘Leadwerks 3‘ is used to build cross-platform games. However the RAD-tools are not available on Linux. Josh Klinkt would like to remove the platform limitation and provide Linux support for the RAD-tools through crowd funding on KickStarter.