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By RootGamer, November 22, 2013 0 Download, News, Steam, Team Fortress

Yesterday another ‘Team Fortress 2‘ update got announced, Valve revealed the new citie included in the latest update: Rottenburg. This new content comes in addition to the community map Manhattan and details released yesterday. The city is somewhat European and attacked by Gray Mann’s robots. Having the ability to revive fallen comrades, the Medic now has a shield what can be upgraded. Also the bazooka is improved; the Rocket Specialist upgrade lets the… Read More »

By Supr, November 11, 2013 0 Download, News, The Burrow

The Burrow is a short interactive experience, a situation, an environment – а narrative, opened for interpretation. The narrative develops through the player’s interaction with the game’s world. Every exchange is significant and becomes a part of the narrative. The Burrow has no single meaning as it appeals to the player’s personal experience and feelings. The gameplay contains no opponents, enemies, or competition.

By RootGamer, November 11, 2013 0 Download, Kickstarter, Neocolonialism, News

Almost one year after a successful campaign on crowdfunding website kickstarter, Subaltern Games released Neocolonialism to the public. Well folks, it’s finally here. You can buy and play Neocolonialism via my website or on Amazon. Neocolonialism is a Marxist strategy game for 1-6 players. Your goal is to extract as much wealth from the world as possible in 12 turns. You will buy government votes, make free trade agreements, manipulate… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 4, 2013 0 Download, F1-Drive

F-1 Drive is a 3D racing game based on Formula 1. The goal is simple, to run the best laps you can. The game has a unique feature that transfers the computer control to study the behavior of bots and then come up with the best tactics of overtaking. Game levels with nice graphics, realistic behavior of the opponents and the rhythmic music will please… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 4, 2013 0 Download, Speed Dreams

Speed Dreams is a Motorsport Simulator featuring high-quality 3D graphics and an accurate physics engine, all targeting maximum realism. Initially forked from Torcs, it has now reached a clearly higher realism level in visual and physics simulation, thanks to its active development team and growing community. It mainly aims to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 27, 2013 0 Cornerstone, Download, Kickstarter, News

We covered the kickstarter campaign of Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim, the open world, action-adventure game with an emphasis on physics and player-choice. There is good news for those who contributed the project. With only two hours left for the kickstarter campaign to end, the project goal of $30,000 was achieved just about that! The release date is to be announced, until then enjoy the ‘Cornerstone: The Song… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 13, 2013 0 Download, NeonXSZ, News

In ‘NeonXSZ‘ (pronounced Neon Excesses) you are injected into cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus verses machine. During your journey you will fly dozens of spaceships with hundreds of upgrades allowing you to create totally unique spacecraft with which to wage war. Will you protect the operating system or join the infection to bring it down? NeonXSZ is our little homage… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 13, 2013 1 Download, Life Goes On, News

The gameplay and general feel in ‘Life Goes On‘ reminds me of ‘Little Big Planet‘ except the the user generated content. Nevertheless the game is very entertaining and the puzzle’s may cause a little headache 😉 but well worth the effort! Download ‘Life goes on’ demo below and share your experience on IndieDB afterwards. About ‘Life Goes On’ ‘Life Goes On‘ is a comically morbid puzzle platformer game,… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 12, 2013 1 Download, PokerTH

With PokerTH you can play the popular texas holdem poker game. Try your skills against the computer opponents, and find many friends to play with in the online games. To play online you need to register on This is free of charge. Whis this gaming account you can login to the internet game lobby, chat with your friends start playing and shine on the leaderboards…. Read More »

By RootGamer, October 10, 2013 0 Download, Marathon, News

Aleph One is the open source continuation of Bungie’s Marathon 2 game engine. Available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, Aleph One supports Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity natively, and Marathon through a fan-made conversion. Many third party scenarios and net maps are also available. Aleph One is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). News: Read the 1.0 announcement press release here, and full release notes here Marathon Alien forces have… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 8, 2013 0 Download, News, Unvanquished

The community driven project Unvanquished is making great improvements to the game-engine. Recently they announced the upgrading 15yr old engine now Unvanquished 2.0 is released, with SDL2 support!

By RootGamer, October 7, 2013 1 Download, Haunted Memories, News

Plot: Haunted Memories Every time we wake up on the other side we have a small chance of falling in to never ending dream. Honestly – which side is the true one? We wake up in our beds, but is it possible to remember second awakening? You remember well what you have done in your dream, what happend, who was there and what was your… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 3, 2013 0 Donkey-Me, Download

‘Donkey-Me‘ is intended to be a collection of games, each of them inspired in a classic movie, and with a Nintendo’s Donkey Kong arcade game look.

By RootGamer, October 2, 2013 0 Demo, Download, News, Of Guards And Thieves

‘Of Guards And Thieves‘ brings together gameplay from FPS, TopDown-shooter and Sandbox games. We want to give you a unique and original experience, full of content and highly replayable. We plan to release OGAT for Window, Mac and Linux with Full Steam Support. Multiplayer Stealth Action – Experience unique and innovative multiplayer stealth action with your friends. Meet new people and discover everything that the game… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 26, 2013 0 Download, Parasite

Parasite is a free platform/action game that features a horizontal view and 10 levels of hardcore gameplay, through 230 different screens. The game is inspired by the Ar’Kritz the intruder DOS game, formerly known as Parasite, which was released in the late 1996.