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By RootGamer, April 25, 2013 2 Counter Strike, Giveaway

We are so happy to announce the CS:S giveaway winner! The lucky winner is picked at random and…

By RootGamer, April 13, 2013 20 Counter Strike, Giveaway, News

Since January, is the popular shooter ‘Counter-Strike: Source‘ available on Linux through Steam. Valve done a great job porting the source-engine: the difference in performance between Windows v/s Linux is minimal, if not the same according to my benchmarks.

By RootGamer, March 21, 2013 2 Counter Strike, Download, News, Steam

Valve is still tweaking ‘Counter-Strike: Source‘ the new patch notes mentions an improvement in performance on Linux.. “How much is the increase” I wonder. Will this release kill the difference in performance between Windows and Linux? Hope to find out soon in a new benchmark session. 

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‘Counter-Strike: Condition Zero‘ (CZ or CS:CZ) is a multiplayer shooter and the follow-up to Counter-Strike. The game was released in 2004 using the GoldSrc Half-Life engine. CS:CZ features a multiplayer mode, which features updated character models, textures, maps and other graphical tweaks. Unlike other Counter-Strike games, Condition Zero also contains a single-player mission pack with the player playing as counter-terrorist alongside bots. Gearbox created an… Read More »

By RootGamer, February 24, 2013 7 Benchmarks, Counter Strike, Report

‘Counter-Strike: Source’ is made available in the Linux Steam store. This popular shooter has been around since 1999. How does the top shooter perform on Linux Ubuntu? Can the game keep up with Windows? Lets find out in the windows v/s linux benchmark comparison

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Releasing a commercial game on Linux what contains ‘source’  in it’s name feels like inception to me 😉 Counterstrike source The latest version of the classic version of Counter-Strike dates from September 2003, this is version 1.6. In 2004, Half-Life 2 was release, the acclaimed Half-Life engine was replaced by the Source engine. The ‘Counter-Strike: Source‘  version  is a complete re-write of the classic v1.6. Counterstrike complete Buy ‘Counter-Strike… Read More »

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Valve has  released an update for both ‘Half Life‘ and ‘Counter-Strike 1.6‘ on Linux. The fixes include:

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‘Counter-Strike‘ is a tactical first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation which originated from a Half-Life modification by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe. By the fourth beta version, Valve Software, the developer who created Half-Life, began assisting in the development of Counter-Strike. In 2000, Valve bought the rights to Counter-Strike. Today valve started porting the ‘golden-oldies’ to the Linux platform. Currently available… Read More »