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By Ultimoore, November 22, 2013 0 Festival Of Magic, Kickstarter

Hey Rootgamers, A while ago I talked about Festival Of Magic showing Linux support if they got Greenlit on Steam. Well they emailed me to let me know that they have begun a Kickstarter campaigne to raise money needed to finish the other key features of the game. Bendik Stang the games director was asked “why such a low amount for the game’s goal?” during… Read More »

By Ultimoore, November 2, 2013 1 Festival Of Magic, News

SnowCastle Games is a Indie company based out of Oslo, Norway. They began production of Festival of Magic, an original adventure role-playing game in which the players must fight and farm their way to glory. Join Amon, a desert scavenger and his reluctant companion Gnart, as they unravel the ancient mysteries of Umbra – a world divided by light and magic. The game combines turn-based… Read More »