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By RootGamer, August 31, 2013 1 GameplayFootball, Interview, News, Report

‘Gameplay Football‘ is an arcade footy game for PC (like Fifa/Pro Evolution Soccer). The game is developed by Properly Decent, featuring a custom build football/soccer game-engine to match the developers needs. Lead developer Bastiaan talks to us about; game features, development process, Linux support and possible source release. Find out more about ‘Gameplay Football‘ in this weeks interview.

By RootGamer, August 9, 2013 2 Download, GameplayFootball, News

‘Gameplay Football‘ is an arcade footy game for PC. Best game experience is achieved using a gamepad (recommended, but not mandatory). The soccer/football game is made by Properly Decent, featuring a custom (football)game-engine. You’re gonna need at least a dual core CPU and a modern OpenGL 3.2 graphics adapter!  The current release is little dated, however a update is in the making and is to be released soon. … Read More »