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By Kereltis, November 1, 2013 1 Game, Half-Life 2, News, No More Room in Hell

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”   About PC Gamer’s Mod of the Year 2011, ModDB’s Editor Choice Multiplayer Mod of the Year 2011, “No More Room in Hell”, a co-operative, realistic first person survival horror modification for the Source Engine, and one of the best if not the best, mod for Half Life 2 is free on Steam… Read More »

By RootGamer, May 10, 2013 0 Half-Life 2, Oculus Rift

Valve made Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2 and Lost Coast available(beta) on Linux. To opt-in: Go to game library > properties > beta , select steam pipe beta to get the Linux versions!