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By Ultimoore, August 15, 2013 0 Interview, News, Project Phoenix, Report

Couple days ago a new kickstarter campaign surfaced, ‘Project Phoenix’ is made by many skilled and well known artists who worked on successful AAA-games. Sandy Martin spoke with creative game director and producer Hiroaki Yura about game development, Linux support and more…

By RootGamer, August 11, 2013 2 Kickstarter, News, Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix will soon hit Kickstarter, where the team will be seeking $100,000 for the development of the new game on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. When you hear who’s involved in Project Phoenix, you’ll soon realize that this amount of funding could be a paltry sum. Game director Hiroaki Yura will have a development members overseas who are experienced in triple-A class title… Read More »