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By Ultimoore, September 3, 2014 1 Editorial, News, Report

What’s your poison? Today Feral Interactive hopped on the Twitters to ask Linux gamers a profound question that one answer will not be the same as the last. Some responses have been similar in nature but everyone had different to add. Now if you have living in the middle of nowhere with no knowledge of the gaming industry, Feral Interactive is the company that normally… Read More »

By RootGamer, August 25, 2014 1 Forced, Forced 2, Interview, Report

Last year we spoke with Steffen Kabbelgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Beta Dwarf, about the co-op game ‘FORCED‘. Now they are back with FORCED-2!

By Kereltis, August 10, 2014 3 Interview, News, Report

You read it correctly, Direct X directly interacting with the Gallium open source driver! About Last week we had an opportunity to speak with Tiziano Bacocco (an open source, electro Guru from Italy) about the future of the Gallium driver (open source AMD driver) and how it is possible to have Direct X interacting directly with the driver instead of having the overhead of the… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 2, 2013 1 Contest, Giveaway, News, Report

In June 2012 development begun on the RootGamer website. Our mission; to bring awareness of the growing Linux gaming community and show Windows-gamers the potential and benefits from a Linux platform. Stats, pie and charts We opened the website to the public, the moment Steam 4 Linux Beta news surfaced. Lot has changed ever since; we have been featured in a Linux magazine, attended user group meetings, given a… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 1, 2013 1 News, Report, Space Hulk

‘Space Hulk‘ is powered by Full Control’s battle proven formula for 3D tactical turn-based games like the successful ‘Tactical Soldier – Undead Rising‘ and the recent released ‘Frontline Tactics‘. ‘Space Hulk’ recreates the classic claustrophobic board game experience for single player and multiplayer. RootGamer asked Thomas H. Lund, CEO of Full Control gamestudio, about the rumours of a Linux version of ‘Space Hulk’. We received a conclusive answer: Yeah – we will support Linux…. Read More »

By RootGamer, October 18, 2013 1 News, Report

June 1, 2013 the Dutch Linux User Group (NLLGG) held its last meeting of the season, in Utrecht. Linux Magazine arranged lectures about games and organised competitive gaming tournaments. The NLLGG gave a VIM workshop and a lecture about Puppet. RootGamer was invited to talk about future and current developments around Linux gaming. The Dutch Linux Magazine covered the event in its previous issue. Here is the… Read More »

By RootGamer, October 4, 2013 1 Forced, News, Report

The release of FORCED is getting close now and things are starting to shape up. This is what you can expect from BetaDwarf the next few weeks. Read more details about the game and Beta Dwarf’s future plans, in our interview with Steffen Kabbelgaard Official Release October 24th We’re getting really close now. Infact there is only 19 days left til Forced will officially be released on… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 15, 2013 0 Interview, News, Report, Universum: War Front

What is Universum: War Front? • Dota by its MOBA gameplay elements. • Starcraft/Warhammer by its atmosphere, RTS elements. • Battlefield by its gameplay dynamics, FPS elements. • StarWars by its high adventure storyline. The story is about our probable future, and about what can happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question:… Read More »

By RootGamer, September 10, 2013 1 News, Research

The brain of a gamer makes virtually no difference between an avatar and a best friend. This is shown by research at the Radboud University neuroscientist Shanti Ganesh. She appeared in the promotion as an avatar in World of Warcraft (WoW). People who play a lot (about twenty hours a week) for a long time – will identify with their avatar. The avatar becomes a… Read More »

By Ultimoore, August 31, 2013 0 Awesomenauts, Crowd funding, Kickstarter, Report

Hey guys it is Ultimoore again, I wanted to talk about Awesomenauts: Starstorm Kickstarter because I love Awesomenauts and thought showing off what Ronimo Games have planed to this future DLC for the amazing game known only as, THE AWESOMENAUTS!! For those who don’t know: Awesomenauts is a MOBA and an accessible 3-on-3 action plat-former. Head out to the online battlefields together with your friends… Read More »

By RootGamer, August 31, 2013 1 GameplayFootball, Interview, News, Report

‘Gameplay Football‘ is an arcade footy game for PC (like Fifa/Pro Evolution Soccer). The game is developed by Properly Decent, featuring a custom build football/soccer game-engine to match the developers needs. Lead developer Bastiaan talks to us about; game features, development process, Linux support and possible source release. Find out more about ‘Gameplay Football‘ in this weeks interview.

By Ultimoore, August 29, 2013 6 Download, Game, News, Report

Hey Ultimoore here with great stuff to tell you Linux Gamers; we at RootGamer have been working hard to sort out an easy way for you to check out Linux games that you may have missed on the front page. We created a game library for you, so you can browse all the games we have covered on the site! The games are sorted in alphabetical… Read More »

By Kereltis, August 19, 2013 0 Amnesia, Interview, News, Report

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, a first person survival horror game about immersion, discovery and living through a nightmare. The year is 1899. Wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus has returned home from a disastrous expedition to Mexico, which has ended in tragedy. Wracked by fever, haunted by dreams of a dark machine, he recovers consciousness in his own bed, with no idea of how much time… Read More »

By Ultimoore, August 15, 2013 0 Interview, News, Project Phoenix, Report

Couple days ago a new kickstarter campaign surfaced, ‘Project Phoenix’ is made by many skilled and well known artists who worked on successful AAA-games. Sandy Martin spoke with creative game director and producer Hiroaki Yura about game development, Linux support and more…

By Kereltis, July 16, 2013 2 Desura, Interview, News, Report

Last week Linden-Lab announced the acquisition and partnership of game distribution platform Desura. The joint-venture generated many comments with doubt, disbelieve and incomprehension in the social-media. We spoke Desura-founder ‘Scott Reismanis‘ about the new partnership to explain recent developments and potential future of Desura.