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By RootGamer, September 17, 2014 0 Download, Lutris, News

Lutris is a gaming platform such as Steam or Desura, just without the ability to buy games but fully open source. Lutris make use of more than twenty emulators and game runners to provide a very large library of supported games.

By RootGamer, December 25, 2013 0 Download, Lutris

Lutris – awesome game management tool –  got even better. In our interview with Lutris developer Mathieu Comandon mentioned to be working on ‘Steam support‘ for future Lutris release. He sure surprised us with this holiday present and made steam-support part of Lutris 0.3.2. Interview:  I’m currently working on better integration with Steam. Things like switching from Steam Linux to Steam Wine, syncing your Steam library into Lutris and installing game… Read More »

By RootGamer, November 23, 2013 2 Interview, Lutris

This week RootGamer interviewed Mathieu Comandon, an open-source fanatic, software engineer and core developer of ‘Lutris‘. Lutris is an open gaming platform for GNU/Linux. It aims at supporting as many games as possible thanks to emulators and providing a simple and reliable experience when installing games.  What is the motivation for you to develop ‘Lutris‘? Mathieu:  Linux games have always been a bit troublesome to install and configure…. Read More »