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By Kereltis, December 19, 2013 0 News, Software, Steam, SteamOS

RaySupreme 3D has been released for Linux on Steam, create those 3D models for your games you’ve always wanted to! About Well, it seems Linux is finally getting its day in the sun. We have games and now software coming out of the wood work at the moment and I for one am dancing in joyful glee (a wee drop of the homebrew helps), I… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 17, 2013 0 Game, News, Steam, SteamOS, Violett

If you’re a fan of point and click adventures then look no further, Violett is here! About Set in a world full of wonders, quirks and things from beyond our reality, Violett is a remarkable adventure game that will push your brain to the limits and engross you completely. Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 14, 2013 5 Download, News, Steam, SteamOS

  Yeah – SteamOS  is finally available. Current beta was pushed to the official repository. Additional information like installation instruction and requirements can be found in the SteamOS FAQ. SteamOS Installer (960 MB) GitHub issue tracker SteamOS EULA Repository SteamOS is built on Debian 7.1 (Wheezy) Gnome manages the desktop environment system requirements 64-bit processor 4GB or more of memory at least 500GB disk NVIDIA graphics… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 14, 2013 0 News, Steam, SteamOS, Teslagrad

The 2D puzzle platformer ‘Teslagrad’ has been released on Steam for Linux at 20% off! About A journey begins… A treacherous tower… Unravel its mysteries! Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle platformer with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to go throughout the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower. Gain new abilities to explore… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 12, 2013 0 News, Not The Robots, Steam, SteamOS

Ever fancy yourself a furniture eating robot? Ever wanted to run around campus devouring furniture? Well wait no longer, ‘Not The Robots’ is here! About You are in a seemingly endless campus of office buildings. Your goal is to eat furniture and not get caught. What is going on? Not The Robots is a Roguelike Stealth Furniture Eating Simulator. Explore procedurally generated office buildings. Hide… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 11, 2013 0 News, Steam, Steam Machine, SteamOS

Three hundred lucky Steam users will receive their prototype one of a kind Steam Machines on the 13th of Dec! About The time has come! We are ready to begin shipping Steam Machines and Steam Controllers to the 300 selected beta participants. The machines are due to leave the factory on Friday! The announcement was made today on the Steam Universe, Steam group. This is… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 11, 2013 0 Euro Truck Simulator 2, News, Steam

If like me you’re a fan of Euro Truck Simulator 2 then you’re going to love the latest DLC – ‘Ice Cold Paint Jobs’ Pack has just been released on Steam! About Fed up with the standard paint schemes? Well not to worry, SCS Software have just released one of the coolest sets of paint jobs you’ll find for Euro Truck Simulator. ‘Ice Cold Paint… Read More »

By Ultimoore, December 10, 2013 1 Entropy, News, Steam

Many others and I have been waiting for 1 of 2 options to happen. EVE Online comes to Linux natively. A suitable replacement comes to Linux Now I am not a guy to get excited easily, ok maybe I am. Maybe I need to let this game install first before I pass judgement also. But I am really hoping that Entropy will be that fill… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 6, 2013 4 News, Ravensword Shadowlands, Steam

Who needs Skyrim when you’ve got Ravensword: Shadowlands. Today we have yet another epic release for Steam on Linux! About Crescent Moon Games the award winning studio that brought us Ravensword: The Fallen King and Aralon: Sword and Shadow has just released Ravensword: Shadowlands on Steam for Linux. This is one I bought as soon as I saw it on Steam this morning because it’s the one… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 6, 2013 0 News, Steam, SteamWorld Dig

At last we have a ‘Terraria’ alternative on Linux and it’s an awesome one. SteamWorld Dig has finally arrived on Steam for Linux! About This is the one I and many others (who have been frustrated trying to run ‘Terraria’ on Wine) have been waiting for. Finally we have a decent – in fact some might say incredibly awesome side scrolling, mining adventure game.  In… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 6, 2013 0 News, Starbound, Steam

Fancy a bit of 2D side scrolling action, adventure? Well you’re in luck,  Starbound has arrived on Steam for Linux. About In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe. You’ll encounter procedurally generated… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 6, 2013 0 Desura, Dominions 4, News, Steam

Have you ever wanted to be the ruler of a loyal nation? Consider it done. Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension which has been available on Desura for some time has been released on Steam. About You are a God! You are master and ruler of a loyal nation. You have unimaginable powers at your disposal. You have claimed this world as yours. But there are… Read More »

By Kereltis, December 5, 2013 1 News, Savant Ascent, Steam

Savant Ascent, the popular IOS and Android title was released today on Steam for Linux. A malicious orb has cast Savant out of his tower and transformed his surroundings into dangerous enemies! About Fight, shoot and beat your way through hordes of enemies and make your way back to the top of the tower. Unlock new CDs that not only give you new tracks to… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 5, 2013 0 Guns 'n Zombies, News, Steam

After a unsuccesfull campaign on kickstarter ‘Guns ‘n Zombies‘ got included in  December 4th Batch of Greenlight Titles ‘Guns ‘n Zombies‘ feature takes place in the post apocalyptic world. What makes the game special is that the story takes place in the aftermath of a real apocalypse. The main characters have to find a way to survive in a world full of danger and uncertainty to… Read More »

By RootGamer, December 4, 2013 0 News, Steam

The Linux Foundation announced Valve and others new members: “The newest Linux Foundation members are open source endeavors as well as established industry leaders. Companies from diverse markets, such as gaming, cloud computing and virtualization are seeing the value of Linux and collaborative development to put them out in front of competitors.“ Mike Woster, chief operating officer of The Linux Foundation Our membership continues to grow as… Read More »