Script Kiddies needs a Kickstart

Modest Project for a modest price

So today I received an email from Austin Dixon asking me if I would like to check out his Kickstarter project Script Kiddies. HIPSTER PIXEL goodness, the Script Kiddies project is asking for a modest $8,500 US. Of course I wouldn’t even be writing this article if Austin was supporting Linux right out of the pearly gates. So lets dig into Script Kiddies and see what the project will have in store for all.

The Game

Script Kiddies is a PvP/PvE server-hacking tower-defense game where everyone knows how to shake their groove-thang.Script Kiddies is a (small) game about the awesomeness, the oddness, and the silliness of computer and video game culture. It’s also a game about competitive computer hacking. At its core though, it’s a game about entering a series of random buttons faster than the other player and totally shakin’ your booty in their face.

Good ol’Open Sauce

The game has many references to topics in the open-source and programming communities, nothing huge but little things that programmers and geeks alike will catch. Learning to program has been a life-changing event for me, so it makes sense that I do something to give back to a community I benefit from everyday. So I’m making this promise: when Script Kiddies is released, I will also open-source the following: all my scripts, functions, sprites, backgrounds, and credit card infor… wait, wait, wait! All that but the last one! It’ll come with documentation, maybe a tutorial or two and all the code will be released under the GNU Public License v3. This is something I can do that I hope will help more people make cool games in GameMaker. Not all of my scripts will be incredibly useful, but there are quite a few that will help people as they delve into making a video game. Things like camera control, dynamic speech-bubble systems, screen shake, physics, path-finding, and platforming are all things Script Kiddies needs to work and I will do my best to make my code as ubiquitous as possible.


What do I really think.

Do it. No really, how often does a kickstarter come around where the developer says they will go open source after release day? Not many times, I tell you.I would however like to see a LINUX DEMO but besides that, it is Linux right out of the box and with a not so set date for release of spring 2015 how can you lose? I will definitely toss some Loonies and Toonies (Canadian 1$ and 2$ coins, ya savages) his way. check it out ill have the links below. Game on.



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