Pulsar: Lost Colony Kickstarts My Heart.


Hey guys,
A while back George and Preston Stoll of Leafy Games sat down with me and talked about their game Pulsar : Lost Colony. Now they have begun the next step to bring their game to you the gamers. They recently posted their intention to raise 40,000 gold pieces for Pulsar. For those of you who have not heard of Pulsar : Lost Colony . Pulsar is a cooperative starship simulator that takes you and your crew (1-5 players) to the farthest corners of the universe on a mission to find the mysterious Lost Colony. It features a procedural galaxy generator so every journey will be unique and contain new challenges for your friends and you.

The Low-Down

George and Preston are great guys and have been working very hard on Pulsar and it shows with each Dev Blog, they always add something new and fun to the game not only for you the consumer but also stuff they would want to do in the game themselves. The Kickstarter itself is really a method to speed up the process to bring Pulsar into the gamers hands faster then expected. I myself was pumped when Leafy Games showed off the randomly generated planets that you can go down to with you away team. Here is their Kickstarter trailer showing off the potential for the game itself and the story.

Stretch Goals

Here is a list of stretch goals set aside on the kickstarter:

$50,000 – Extended soundtrack!
With more funding, we can afford a larger and more varied soundtrack to enhance the game further.

$70,000 – Localization
The game will be translated professionally to French, Spanish, German and Russian.

$90,000 – Custom/Larger galaxies! Players will be able to optionally create mega-galaxies to journey in. These will be up to 500,000 light years across consisting of 10,000+ jump points! You will also be able to change generation settings for galaxies so you can customize them as much as you want.

$140,000 – PS4 / Xbox One Support
We will work with Microsoft and Sony to bring PULSAR to next-gen consoles! We can’t 100% guarantee that it will happen but we will do our best to make it so!

$250,000 – Extensive modding support! We will overhaul our asset creation system and create pulsarEdit so any user can easily create ships, scenarios, planets, gameplay changes and anything else you can dream of!

We will also help facilitate the sharing of these mods through our mod sharing website: pulsarEdit.com. There will also be an in-game system for syncing / updating mods.

We’ve started work on pulsarEdit although we probably won’t be able to implement it without the extra support to bring on another programmer . We’d like to develop pulsarEdit and release it as open-source software for Windows/Mac/Linux.

We’re also going to work on making these mods compatible with Steam Workshop.

Final Thoughts

Overall I love what the Stoll brothers have done with Pulsar and look forward to what they will accomplish in the future with this game. I love Space simulator games like the X series by Egosoft and this game might take my new #1 spot. I am totally tossed some gold pieces their way and get some prime Alpha time before the masses get on. I  hope to see alot of the Linux gaming community toss some as Venn Stone from Linux GameCast Weekly would say “Wet Stinky Cashes” their way. Show your support and remember to game on Rootgamers.

Pulsar KickstarterPulsar Website


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