Festival of magic, magically appears on Kickstarter.

Hey Rootgamers,
A while ago I talked about Festival Of Magic showing Linux support if they got Greenlit on Steam. Well they emailed me to let me know that they have begun a Kickstarter campaigne to raise money needed to finish the other key features of the game. Bendik Stang the games director was asked “why such a low amount for the game’s goal?” during a media preview of the Kickstarter project. Stang replied.

We have currently spent over $1M and will need a little short of $900k to complete the game. $250k we hope to get from all of you through Kickstarter, another $50k will come from the Norwegian Film Fund provided the Kickstarter is successful. Finally, the remaining $600k will have to come from stretch goals, pre-orders on Steam and finally, if we have to, from investors.

(which is also posted in the Kickstarter page).

SnowCastle Games goal is to take Classic JRPG’s and give it a twist. Here is the trailer to show a lot of the features the game will offer.

With stretch goals like hitting 300,000$ allowing the player to explore the overworld like the classic JRPG’s is a feature I really miss. If the hit the 350,000$ goal they will add 2 new characters.

It is really great to see JRPG’s making finding a new home not only on the PC market in general but also the Linux market. I asked Mr.Stang if there would be Gamepad support, he replied back saying.

You cannot have a JRPG without a gamepad in hand. Yes, we are supporting gamepads.

I am 100% giving getting in on this Kickstarter. I for one hope all of you get involved on this project and shoot for beta level tier. The team at SnowCastle Games have a winner with Festival of Magic. Game On.


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