Download: ‘H-Craft Championship’

H-Craft Championship‘ is a science fiction racing game developed by independent game studio Irrgheist. A Russian version of the game was later released by Akella. The game is build using the free graphics engine Irrlicht. After a long down time, in 2014 the developers released the game as freeware and announced the game development will be continued including an Android version in the next release.

The game features various hovercraft which race on superhighways in the sky, meaning that an important part of the game involves staying on track and not falling to the ground. It features several different games modes: “Championship” acts as the singe-player campaign, while “Rival ” allows for multiplayer games with up to four players on the same PC. In addition it also features “Arcade” and “Time attack” game modes. The ghostdrivers of Time attack are exchangeable (between friends).


  • 28+ racetracks
  • a unique driving physics simulation
  • appealing design
  • challenging Championship mode
  • 2 Timeattack modes with exchangeable ghostdrivers
  • with “Rivals” up to 4 players on a single PC


H-Craft Championship Trailers

Download H-Craft Championship

Zip containing the full version of ‘H-Craft Championship’ for Windows and Linux. Download size; ~46MB. Start it with: padsp ./hcraft

Download 'H-Craft Championship'



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