Download: ‘OpenTomb’ Lara on Linux

OpenTomb’ is a cross-platform re-implementation of classic Tomb Raider 1—5 engines that were developed by now defunct Core Design. It is not a patcher or DLL extension of already existing engines.



  • Modern collision approach: engine gets collision not from floor data, but directly from room mesh data. Static mesh and movable collision is also calculated on the fly and is not taken from pre-defined bounding boxes.
  • Integrated LUA scripting is extensively used by OpenTomb for flexible item, trigger and general gameplay programming on a per-level basis.
  • Audio engine: PC versions of Tomb Raider had no environmental audio effects, like echo, reverb or occlusions. OpenTomb successfully reimplements all these. Soundtrack player uses three-channel automatic handling, which allows to play background ambience, action music and speech all at the same time without interruptions.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: OpenTomb is being written in C++ using unified interfaces like SDL 2.0, OpenGL and OpenAL, so it can be made compatible with any common platform, like Linux or Mac.




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