Download: hack-n-slash ‘Heldric’ (demo)

The indie game developer ‘Astral Byte’ from New Zealand is working on hack-n-slash and survivor game ‘Heldric The Legend of the shoemaker‘, they released a Linux demo of the adventure.

Do you enjoy hack-n-slash but longed for a bit more? Maybe you like city builder games but find them a bit boring? Here is a different take on the same old styles of game. A hack-n-slash without loot or endless level grinding. A city builder without resource management.

A game where you don’t play an epic hero, but a humble shoemaker that must work together with villagers to defend against waves of attacks. Build, upgrade, rotate and decorate the village. Each building adds unique abilities to you and your fellow villagers. Defend against waves of monsters intent on killing everyone.

Story in short

Heldric, as most children often do, had dreamed of becoming a mighty knight. As he grew older and the king came to select new warriors, he was was not selected. Heldric felt a great sense of disappointment as his dreams were shattered. But as time went on, he learned to become a greatly valued and respected member of the community, as a shoemaker.


  • Build, upgrade and decorate structures each with their own bonus effects
  • Defend the village against random waves of attacks
  • Protect the kingdom one village at a time in campaign mode
  • True random villagers, each with different amount of courage and weapon knowledge
  • True random monsters, down to individual armor pieces and different weapons that all effect how they fight.  No more waves of the same cloned monster
  • Smash the enemy and send them flying with rag-doll corpses
  • Day and night scenarios
  • Earn achievements of your success

Download Linux Demo; Heldric

The demo version of ‘Heldric – the Legend of the shoemaker’ is about 140mb in size

Heldric The Legend of the shoemaker - Linux


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