Rootrivia Winners For the month of November

In the month of Movember in the year of FOSS, 2013, we draw to a close our second ever Rootrivia competition with 15 lucky winners of the dark, mysterious, puzzle, platformer and amazingly brilliant, Irritum!

The Winners

We had a record number of entries for this months Rootrivia and were delighted to see so many of you take part in what we hope becomes a great monthly gathering of Linux gamers. But like all competitions, we can only have a few lucky winners and this month we just happen to have fifteen of them. Fifteen of you have just or will very soon receive your Irritum game keys, they have been sent to the email address you provided while playing Rootrivia.

The Fifteen, The Lucky, The Few:
  1. Potatoattack
  2. Xnoze
  3. Jack
  4. Neffo
  5. Grinsekatze
  6. GamingPenguin
  7. Dan
  8. Chartax
  9. Raydeen
  10. Pic
  11. Samir Bader
  12. Evaryont
  13. J Haboush
  14. TheCubeIsALie
  15. Enroxorz


The Aftermath

First off I would like to give a massive thank you to Ryan Noble of and of course the brilliant and talented Nick Padgett, the developer of Irritum for providing us with such a generous amount of copies of the game for our Rootrivia winners, they really did go above and beyond on this one and we really appreciate their hard work and effort.

Well now that the winners are off staring blankly at their game downloading and reciting the sacred gamer chant “Come on, come on, come on…” leaving the rest of you looking at your list of over a billion games thinking “I’ve nothing to play!” I can say only this, the game can be yours, and will be yours if you wish it to be. Just head on over to the official Irritum site and give the developer his dues. Alternatively Irritum can also be purchased from Desura if that is what you’d prefer.


Buy Irritum on Desura $9.99


Direct From Developer


And that’s it for this months Rootrivia, don’t forget to subscribe and check in daily for news, reviews and interviews. We will of course be hosting another great Rootrivia event on the 15th of December, just in time for the holidays, so stay tuned.


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Linux advocate, born in Liverpool, grew up in Cork City Ireland and currently living in Corvallis, Oregon. I love all things Linux, my favorite distro being Ubuntu followed closely by Kubuntu and Linux Mint (Cinnamon and KDE). As far as I'm concerned Linux is the future of gaming. Lets make the world as open and transparent as we can!

2 Comments on "Rootrivia Winners For the month of November"

  1. RootGamer November 20, 2013 at 09:39 -

    Congrats to all you winners!!

    Not so lucky? Try again next month

    • Samir November 21, 2013 at 01:15 -

      Thank you to RootGamer, I redeemed the key I received and realized it was a direct download of 1.2 gb. Currently on wireless which has a bandwidth cap but as soon as I’m on the DSL again will download and play it. Thank you again!

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