Interview: BetaDwarf about FORCED 1 and 2

Last year we spoke with Steffen Kabbelgaard, Chief Executive Officer of Beta Dwarf, about the co-op game ‘FORCED‘. Now they are back with FORCED-2!

FORCED is available and received praising words in our Review: FORCED. We thank Steffen for taking the time to talk to us about recent developments and future projects.

rootgamer_say  Like many, we enjoyed FORCED. Can you give us insight in its sales?

Steffen:  FORCED has shipped around 230k units so far, and we are super happy about that. Linux and mac is a little below 10% of that as far as I remember.

rootgamer_say  The Dwarf’s living-conditions were a bit miserable. Any improvements?

Steffen:  Indeed, I personally moved together with my girlfriend 4 months ago, after living with the team for 3 years. The last dwarf is moving out in 10 days. However we still have plenty of bunk beds at the office and people still sleep here often 🙂


rootgamer_say  Is FORCED 2 maintained by same Dwarfs?

Steffen:  Yes same team with around 3 new awesome dwarfs in the ranks 🙂

rootgamer_say How did you experience the gameplay of FORCED?

Steffen:  Overall we were very satisfied with FORCED as our first game. We would have loved to ship it with the network stability it has now though 🙂
If we were to change anything, we might have nered it 3-4% as it’s very hard and a great challenge for any gamer – I think around 0.1% of the players have completed it. But then again that also makes it a bit interesting.

rootgamer_say  What elements worked, which did not? How does it effect future development?

Steffen:  FORCED 2 will be quite different, but still super awesome. For instance F1 had no randomness at all, and F2 is all about random, random generated arenas, random damage, cards etc. it’s a different path that we’ve chosen now that it’s a game we would love players to play for a very long time.
F2 will also have co-op, but we’ve decided to make singleplayer just as fun this time, and the game will be the kind of game that’s very easy to pick a few fights whenever it suits you, even though it’s been weeks since you last played it.

rootgamer_say  How do you maintain high quality design with random maps?

Steffen:  Lot’s of Q&A, our closed beta just launched and we’re already on the tweaking route. But besides that we’re making a populator AI that knows a lot of rules for how to make the randomness as fun as possible. Besides that we’re already very satisfied with the level of graphics we have achieved in randomly generated arenas.

rootgamer_say Forced on Linux, or better Unity is having some performance issues. Will you still support Linux?

Steffen:  Our plan is still to support Linux, but we might focus on the branch that of Linux that must people use, such as the one the Steam OS is build upon.



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