Leafy Games Interview about Pulsar Lost Colony

Pulsar: Lost Colony

I was on IndieDB.com checking out the latest news on some Indie games coming to Linux. I saw a lot of interesting development on a lot of projects. I came across one project that not only concept but updates that blew me away. I am talking about Pulsar: Lost Colony. I had seen their latest vlog on their work with the Oculus Rift. I began to check out what game feature that would be in the game.

Game Features:

Your Own Galaxy to Explore and Conquer:

At the start of every Voyage a unique randomized galaxy is born. Each contains hundreds of points of interest that you will need to explore to find clues about the location of the Lost Colony. A Voyage can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 hours depending on the skill of the crew and the encounters you face. If your crew perishes, the galaxy dies with you and the save file is deleted.

Journey Alone or With Your Friends:

Each crew in PULSAR consists of up to five members. You can play offline with bots as your crew, or play cooperatively with friends in Online + LAN modes. Alternatively, you could take a ship out by yourself and perform all tasks of the crew, although it’s quite a challenge!

Everyone Plays a Key Role on the Ship:

Captain, Pilot, Scientist, Weapons, and Engineer. These are the five classes available in the game – each having their own unique responsibilities and roles during the journey.

Join the Away Team:

Your Voyage will bring you to unexplored sectors containing planets or space stations that can contain valuable resources that will be imperative to surviving your journey. Use extreme caution as they also can also contain dangers to your crew – such as hostile ambushes and booby traps.

Six Unique Playable Factions:

The Colonists are unlocked by default. The other factions will need to be earned by playing the game and discovering the secret of each faction. You can play as anything from a ruthless multi-species organization such as the W.D. Corporation to an intergalactic biscuit delivery service: The Fluffy Biscuit Company.

Online Leaderboards:

We are working on an extensive online profile system which will track and analyse each of your journeys, to see how you are improving compared to other explorers.

After reading these features I just had to talk to them and get more in-depth info on the game. So I email Leafy Games in hopes that I could talk to someone about the game. I got a response from George and Preston Stoll saying they would talk to me right away and were very excited to talk about their game. We jumped on google hangout and I have to say I don’t see a lot of projects where family have worked so fluid like George and Preston. They would finish each others sentence and knew exactly what direction the other was taking the conversation and help him out.


Where the idea come from originally?

George and Preston:

We originally came up with the idea from a family trip we took to our family cabin, there we had the ability to sit down and talk about the game and what we wanted in it. It was going to be a online competitive experience with the focus on combat balance, but we notice how much flack developers get for making small changes . It was then we knew that it wasn’t worth it and by doing it this way we get more interaction with the community.

We then began talking about the Factions and Preston told me how the Faction will each have their own unique ships for players to obtain. That player will be able to unlock them as they progress through the game. Also that some factions like the W.D. Corporation would have larger ships as they are a massive corporation within the Pulsar galaxy.

George and Preston:

Most of the W.D. Corporation ships are much larger then other factions ship and really add a intimidation factor when confronted by one of their ships.


Will say the Engineer class in the game have the ability to upgrade parts of the ship?

George and Preston:

A ship has the ability to work at 100% capacity, but as space travel became more prominent engineers have found the ability to increase efficiency of a ship beyond it’s limits. This is great for a desperate situations, but when you are over your limits for too long you begin to break down parts of the ship and cause semi-permanent damage. You can obtain resources to help with repairs , But we want players to understand that there will be consequence for going beyond the ships limits


Has it been fun working with the Oculus Rift? What kind of challenges did it bring with integrating with Linux and Unity?

George and Preston:

It’s been a great experience working with the Rift! The Unity Oculus Integration was relatively easy to get working. Although we have more work to do with the controls, being able to walk around the ship using the Rift was pretty mind-blowing for us. It feels great to be a part of the VR movement.


Will you be planning on selling through Steam, Desura or Through your website?

George and Preston:

Well, we are planning on starting the Greenlight process pretty soon, and if that works out, we will mainly distribute through Steam. If not, then we will most likely try other avenues like selling on our website, the Humble store or GOG.


I am a person who is absolutly against using gamepads for FPS games. Will there be support for the gamers who are used to a gamepad will there be support in Pulsar: Lost Colony?

George and Preston:

Absolutely! We are definitely going to have support for the popular gamepads out there – including the Xbox 360 controller and Logitech models.

They then sent me a picture of Pulsar running on their Ubuntu system, This made me happy that these two brothers wanted to bring such a game experience to not only Windows gamers but also Linux and Mac gamers as well. Also I am very excited about Leafy games direction they are taking this game.

Stoll brothers Ubuntu desktop running the latest build of Pulsar.

Stoll brothers Ubuntu desktop running the latest build of Pulsar.

As of the 30th of AUGUST they have now added the ability for the away teams as mentioned earlier in the interview.

A lot of stuff happened this week! We were able to implement a scanner that can collect all sorts of data on board ships and planet side. We also added our first planet type, a desert planet.

Also they have added their project to Steam’s Greenlight so you definitely want to thumbs up this project. Ill provide all links at the bottom.


It was great to talk to both George and Preston about their game Pulsar: Lost Colony and the features they are going to bring. The game is set to release with a closed Alpha in early 2014 and they said they are on track for a Summer 2014 release. I am getting in line to get on the closed Alpha when it is available. And also keep an eye out on Steam Greenlight for Pulsar: Lost Colony, So game on and make it so number 1.

Pulsar WebsitePulsar Greenlight



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