Let the Rootrivia begin!!!


Hey there rooters,

The guys and I at Rootgamer.com have come up with something new for you the gamers. We are starting a new initiative to bring more content to the website to make it bigger and better. The first item we are adding to this Initiative is going to be a series of skill and knowledge based contest’s. These contests will happen between the 15th to the 19th of every month and on the 20th of the same month we will announce the winners of what ever challenge we set out for you guys. We have been working with some great vendors to get you our readers some sweet swag.

Now not every month will we run the same type of contest. We will run a different contest some that you the readers will vote on and other will be skill based such as a tournament. Now not to say later on in the future the dates won’t change but for now this will be our dates to run our Rootgames.

So watch out for the 15th and get ready to play and win!

Q. Will there be a contest this month?

A. yes.

Q. What kind of contests will Rootgamer run this month?

A. Well, I’m glad you asked. This month for October 15th will be Rootrivia where you will be asked some skill testing questions based off of Linux gaming and media for the past year.

Q. What are the prizes for this month?

A. We will reveal the prizes the day of the contest.


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