Let’s get our Rootrivia on!

Well it is that time of the Month.

Yes, it’s time again for Rootrivia. We got some great prizes this month and some great questions. This month I will test your gaming knowledge and how much you remember the small details in some of the games you have played.


Well Like I said we have some great prizes this month. This month’s grand prize has been given to us by none other than 11Bit Studios. That is right. The developer of the Anomaly series. Here is what they had to say about Linux gaming.

We at 11 bit studios believe that Linux is undoubtedly a big part of gaming environment. We can see a lot of people shifting from Windows or OS X to Linux; a large chunk of that group is gamers. However, it is not a perfect platform for the players yet. Linux is still missing support from hardware producers i.e. drivers; currently Nvidia provides the best Linux assistance, but we’re afraid that’s still only one company. What is more, it’s hard for people who have been using Windows to switch to Linux as the design is completely different. Once the application design is better and hardware companies pay more attention to Linux users, we should see the rise of Linux gaming-wise – and we hope it’ll happen! Also, because of communities such as Rootgamer, Linux players have a place to exchange information, interact with each other and talk about games. Thank you Linux gamers!

ROCK ON 11Bit Studios! That is what lead us to..

Grand Prize

Anomaly Ultimate Bundle
That is right, the Anomaly series COMPLETE. Say whaaaaaaaaat?!

2nd Place Prize

I hear good things about this game haven’t had the chance to get it (Hmmm I may just enter my own contest).

3rd Place Prize

Gravity Badgers
Last but never least is a great game called Gravity Badgers.

The Contest

You all know how to play this game by now. Since the last time I ran the contest. I got A LOT of mail saying to make the questions not so hard. Well, I HAVE THE POWER! This series will be much easier to answer I promise (fingers crossed). So click the button below and get started and well announce the winners on the 20th.Game On.

Begin Rootrivia


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4 Comments on "Let’s get our Rootrivia on!"

  1. miro b. December 15, 2013 at 12:16 -

    it was about time! ;D

  2. dunix December 16, 2013 at 17:17 -

    will you share the correct answers?

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