Play ‘Dota2’ on Linux using wine/pol


Dota-2 information

GAME NAME: Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients)

DEVELOPER(S): Valve Corporation

LICENSE(S): USA Valve Corporation / PRC Perfect World / JPN Nexon Co. Ltd.

PLATFORM(S): Microsoft Windows / Mac OS X

GENRE(S): Multiplayer online battle arena


The source game-engine is developed by Valve. It debuted on the Linux platform with Counter-Strike:Source in 2013. The popular shooter was the first game to use the source engine, back in 2004! The game engine is still being maintained and used by games like Left4Dead, Nuclear DawnTeam Fortress 2 and most recent: Dota-2


Dota 2 is already enjoyed by many however a release date is still TBA. And no official word of Valve about Linux support but it is expected: the source-engine shows negligible difference in performance between win vs lin, Valve is porting other source games to Linux. Also a leaked steam screenshot revealed Dota-2 as available in the steam library.

Until Valve releases a native Linux build  wine/pol offers the solution:

  1. Get a dota2 key or contact rootgamer_com on steam to receive one
  2. Install steam using wine or pol (How-To: Install Steam using wine/pol)
  3. Modify wine config and disable “dbghelp” in library section
  4. Run steam and allow it to update
  5. Select Dota-2 from steam library and install
  6. Once finished add “-nod3d9ex” to the launch-options
  7. Play the game

Optional you set your browser to handle the steam:// syntax.
Touch /usr/bin/steamwine with your favorite editor and paste:

$ #!/bin/sh
exec wine “c:\\program files\\steam\\steam.exe” $@

Make it executable.

$ # chmod +x /usr/bin/steamwine

Next add it to the protocol handler in firefox

disable “dbghelp” in config

disable “dbghelp” in library section


“-nod3d9ex” to the launch-options








Special thanks to cm-t on helping out