Play Walking Dead on linux (wine)


[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”The Walking Dead” developers=”Telltale Games” publishers=”commercial | closed-source” platforms=”any but linux” genres=”Point-and-click | adventure | role-playing” release_date=”apr-nov 2012″]
The Walking Dead‘ is a point-and-click adventure game, played from a third-person perspective with a variety of cinematic camera angles, in which the player, as the protagonist Lee Everett, works with a rag-tag group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse to stay alive and reach help. The player can examine and interact with characters and items.

The game is available on nearly any platform but linux 🙁 so we depend on tools like wine and playonlinux. Nevertheless the game performs very well with wine because it is a dx9 game.

According to the comic’s creator Robert Kirkman,

The Walking Dead game is more focused on developing characters and story and less on action that is featured in other zombie-based games

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  1. Make sure you have wine 1.5.19+ because of bugfix: 30533 The Walking Dead Episode 1: Black screen after startup
  2. Download winetricks
    [highlight color=”black”]wget[/highlight]
  3. Install Direct-X 9 prior to game launch
    [highlight color=”black”]sh winetricks d3dx9[/highlight]
  4. Use wine to run the game(setup)
    [highlight color=”black”]wine setup.exe[/highlight]

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Play On Linux

  1. Download the ‘thewalkingdead.pol’ file
    [highlight color=”black”]wget[/highlight]
  2. Run the file
    [highlight color=”black”]playonlinux-bash thewalkingdead.pol[/highlight]
  3. Follow on-screen instruction

The Walking Dead.pol[/one_half]



  • During the installation, select ‘DO NOT CHECK FOR DIRECTX’ option
  • Game can show you a black screen for more than one minute
  • Disconnect internet if connection trouble
  • If the game crash, put ‘GRAPHICS QUALITY’ to ‘LOW’



  • Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit



‘The Walking Dead’ Icon Pack

walkingdeadepisodic6 walkingdeadepisodic7walkingdeadepisodic2

Download Iconpack 10pcs ~3mb