Interview: ‘Astral Terra’ developers

This week a new RPG-game project surfaced on the crowd funding website Kickstarter:  ‘Astral Terra‘ features beautiful smooth voxel worlds that are generated on the fly and are completely editable. Pick out a piece of land and build your home… then get ready to defend it because the planes of Astral Terra are inhabited by countless strange and wonderful creatures.

This week Derk from RootGamer spoke with David Jagneaux and Tethys Interactive about the innovate RPG:

Interview Astral Terra Developers

rootgamer_say  Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you are involved with Astral Terra?

My name is David Jagneaux and I am the Founder and Managing Director of ValkyriePR, an indie-focused PR brand that aims to help promote and spread awareness about indie game projects.
We launched at the beginning of October 2013 and Tethys Interactive is our first full-service client. We helped create the Kickstarter campaign page, have offered complete consultation leading up to its launch and after, managing the Kickstarter, social media management and press contact/release distribution.

rootgamer_say  How did you come up with the games concept?

We, Chris and Amy Wightman, are huge D&D fans. Our dream game has always been something that takes place in a fantasy universe and combines the procedural generation/world building of voxel games into a high-fidelity and graphically impressive 3D environment. We think we’re on our way to accomplishing that here with ‘Astral Terra‘.


rootgamer_say  What were your inspirations?

Obviously games like Minecraft and Terraria had a big impression on us, as well as RPGs from tabletop D&D to MMOs like DDO all the way down to map editors and level builders in old-school FPS games. We’ve been gamers for a long time and we just want to make our dream game, involve the community and share our experiences with everyone.

rootgamer_say  What got you interested in porting to Linux?

It was always our plan from the very start to have the game readily available for PC, Mac and Linux from launch. The great thing about Unity is that it allows you to easily export to all 3 of those formats and we want as many people to play our game as possible.

rootgamer_say   What are your thoughts on the future of Linux gaming?

We think that the more ways there are for people to play games, the better. Steam’s support of the OS has been great and we think it has a very bright future.


rootgamer_say  How do you support the game after it’s release?

We will take an approach very similar to most other procedural sandbox games of this nature in that we will start alpha as soon as we can, then move into beta and once the game launches, it will be at the most complete stage we can reach. We hope to continue offering free updates and patches from there with lots of great content additions. There will also be no in-game microtransactions at all.

rootgamer_say  What makes your game distinct from other RPG games?

Well, we aren’t aware of any other open-world sandbox games that are procedurally generated, voxel-based and take place in a fantasy environment. The level of world-editing on display in Astral Terra is something that we are very proud of and we can’t wait for everyone else to see what we’ve poured our heart and soul into for so long. We feel that a lot of other RPGs have elements from our game, but Astral Terra is truly a hybrid approach with something for every type of gamer out there.

rootgamer_say  Will there be UGC (User Generated Content) available?

Yes, we hope to add Steam workshop support and are always looking for more ways to allow gamers to further customize and develop their gameplay experience.


rootgamer_say  Anything else you would like to add?

We really want to encourage everyone reading this to please check out our Kickstarter page and our Greenlight page  – as we need all the support that we can get. In order to complete this game, we need support from the community and we need that extra push of funding to implement the remaining features and finish everything up within the next 9 months. Any support would be amazing, even something as small as a tweet or even just a $1 donation.

The questions being answered by: David Jagneaux of Valkyrie PR and the Tethys Interactive development team. Thank you all for you time and efforts!

Astral Terra Trailer

Kickstarter funding campaign



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